Definitions for "TEACHING ASSISTANT"
A teaching assistant works with faculty in planning, delivering, and evaluating instruction. Stipends for teaching assistants vary in amounts among colleges. Please visit with the department chair or faculty member for the exact amount. A teaching assistant may be recommended for a partial tuition waiver each semester. A 15-19 hour per week work load is expected. A student must take at least nine credits to be eligible for an assistantship. The assistantship is counted as financial aid.
Typically a graduate student who teaches or assists a head of department in other ways. TAs may be the only instructors with whom students have contact hours in courses that are all-laboratory, but course material is usually chosen by the supervising faculty. In other disciplines, two-way student-instructor interaction is more highly valued, and many introductory-level courses are taught only in small class groups. TAs assigned to teach such courses in the humanities or the social fields often have more creative responsibility than TAs in technical fields.
A graduate student paid by the college to teach undergraduate classes. A TA may teach introductory classes, grade papers or lead discussion sessions and may also be called an Associate Instructor.