Definitions for "Professor"
One who professed, or publicly teaches, any science or branch of learning; especially, an officer in a university, college, or other seminary, whose business it is to read lectures, or instruct students, in a particular branch of learning; as a professor of theology, of botany, of mathematics, or of political economy.
A teacher at a college (often tenured). See Tenure.
University teacher who has completed a Habilitation and enjoys life-time tenure.
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a erudite and a pariah is an outcast
The Professor is an anthropomorphic mole who first appears in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage. He is intelligent, but he has a slight memory problem. Since he has eye problems, he wears glasses (which he often breaks).
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a policeman of the intellect
Keywords:  goot, beethoven, whisky, drinks, once
a person who drinks too much whisky and once plays goot Beethoven
One who professed, or makes open declaration of, his sentiments or opinions; especially, one who makes a public avowal of his belief in the Scriptures and his faith in Christ, and thus unites himself to the visible church.
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a man who has never been a leader and never will be, and nobody ever taught Hitler how to lead a nation
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a former US NAVY fighter pilot
a member of the Emergency Management Group and the Emergency Management Executive Team
a veteran American journalist and member of the Pacific Council on International Relations
a being whose lack of cultivation and crude sense of taste simply can be taken for granted, as long as he has not demonstrated otherwise
an excellent source to ask your questions on defense acquisition policies and practices
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a source of information