Definitions for "Provost"
A person who is appointed to superintend, or preside over, something; the chief magistrate in some cities and towns; as, the provost of Edinburgh or of Glasgow, answering to the mayor of other cities; the provost of a college, answering to president; the provost or head of certain collegiate churches.
The president of a borough.
A college's chief academic officer (sometimes called an academic dean). A provost often reports directly to the president of a college or university.
a highly skilled and knowledgeable practitioner in from five to ten weapons plus appropriate unarmed techniques
In the London-based "Corporation of Masters of the Noble Science of Defence", or "Company of Masters", Provost was the third of four ranks, the others being Scholar, Free Scholar, and Master. A Free Scholar could not be accredited as a Provost until he had studied under a registered Master for seven years (though this time requirement was occasionally shortened). Acquiring the rank of Provost required a grueling Prize Playing with a variety of swords and other weapons, followed by a formal oath.
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The keeper of a prison.
A jail used to lodge military prisoners.
A provost (introduced into Scots from French) is the ceremonial head of Scottish local authorities. The modern de facto political leader of a council is called the convener.
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The chairman of Eton’s governing body.