Definitions for "Chairman"
The presiding officer of a committee, or of a public or private meeting, or of any organized body.
Workers' Compensation Commissioner appointed by the Governor to head the Workers' Compensation Commission and administer the state workers' compensation system according to the provisions of the Workers' Compensation Act.
The individual charged with the responsibility for the completion of a project The chairman heads a committee and provides motivation for its members.
a retired farmer and has been active in Farm Bureau affairs for several years
a tremendous honor, and I'm humbled that my peers have selected me to be a worthy representative of NADA and be their spokesman and ambassador for the next year
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One whose business it is to cary a chair or sedan.
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a black person and what would his perception be of the folks here on myadsl
a matter of concern, considering the statement of the International Court of Justice on the illegality of the Israeli security wall
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a plus for Massachusetts and a plus for him
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Obsolete term now replaced by "Chair".
The Chairman manages the general operation of the Consortium.
an independent specialized executive authority and has competencies, defined by the Safe Use of Nuclear Energy Act
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a person who