Definitions for "Executive Committee"
A committee that has specific powers, outlined in the bylaws, which allow it to act on the board's behalf when a full board meeting is not possible or necessary.
the committee elected by a Conference of Delegates to be responsible for IAGA affairs between Conferences of Delegates.
The Executive Committee is comprised of the President, Vice President(s), Secretary, Treasurer and Master of Rituals. Its purpose is to plan chapter meetings, handle the administrative details of chapter operations, and develop efficiency in chapter meeting
an integral link in a communication network between the PILSA members, the Pacific Islands Academic Coordinator, the law faculty and Pacific Islands law graduates
The Members who guide the evolution of the Java technologies. The EC represents a cross-section of both major stakeholders and other Members of the Java Community. Members must have signed the EC acceptance letter in order to serve on the EC. The EC Policies and Procedures are in Appendix A.
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The senior management team that runs amateur ice hockey in England.
the judicial body of the chapter which is responsible for enforcing the laws of the Fraternity and performs special administrative duties.
The elected officers of an organization.