Definitions for "Speaker"
The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly is an MLA who is assigned responsibility to oversee the debates and proceedings of the Legislative Assembly.
the leader of the House of Representatives, who controls debate and the order of discussion; chosen by vote of the majority party.
Usually the title given to the person elected as the presiding officer of the House or Assembly; in some states, the title given to the presiding officer of the Senate.
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The speaker is the imaginary voice assumed by the writer of a poem. In many poems, the speaker is not identified by name. The speaker may be a person, an animal, a thing, or an abstraction.
the narrator of a poem. Note that the speaker of a poem is not the same thing as the poet. The speaker is a voice created by the poet to narrate the poem.
the narrator of a story or poem
A device that is used to convert an electrical signal to sound waves that can be heard.
circular cone for projecting amplified sound.
The audio device that receives amplified signals from the amp and produces sound. The mike is never referred to as a "speaker" .
One who utters or pronounces a discourse; usually, one who utters a speech in public; as, the man is a good speaker, or a bad speaker.
someone who expresses in language; someone who talks (especially someone who delivers a public speech or someone especially garrulous); "the speaker at commencement"; "an utterer of useful maxims"
a computer peripheral that reproduces speech and/or music
Types: keynote, general session and seminar leader who are topic specialists; trainers and workshop leaders who allow for group participation and interaction; and change of pace speakers such as humorists and entertainers.
A speaker lectures on a topic or series of topic for an audience, often in an educational or motivational capacity.
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A book of selections for declamation.
A speaker is a person who sends a sentence, i.e. a person who speaks or writes. In English, a speaker is referred to with the first-person pronouns such as and we.
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a little bit like a pair of magnets, and a little bit like a toaster
The official who moderates the competition, announcing the name of the athlete about to attempt a lift and announcing the validity or non-validity of the lift after it has been attempted. The speaker also introduces the athletes and other officials during the presentation.
The “who” doing the speaking. Effectiveness of the speaker depends on credibility, preparation, knowledge, style, adaptation, and performance.
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an extremely reliable
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make tones on the built-in PC Speaker from Java
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contains a special form of heading or label, giving the name of one or more speakers in a performance text or fragment.
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a changing Star
a musical instrument and if we use that definition we can apply techniques used in other more "traditional" instruments
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an example of fine American
The presenter of programs, products and services.
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One who speaks.