Definitions for "Instruments"
The Commission European defines as "instruments" the different types of project applicable to the research themes proposed by the 6th RDFP. Examples: CRAFT, networks of excellence, STREPS, etc.
a comprehensive rheological instrumentation company specializing in rheometer and viscometer design, research level rheometers and
a European-wide VAR for the micro GC
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The products falling within the scope of the ISD. Similar to the 1986 Act definition of investments except that commodity derivatives are not instruments, whilst they are investments.
Generic name for all mechanisms producing musical sounds and hence for all musical media with the exception of the human voice.
Medical instruments indicate family quarrels. Other types of instruments such as musical instruments signify family unity and happiness.
a company specialising in the design and manufacture of Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) and UHV thin film deposition systems and components
a manufacturer and supplier of quality optical microscopes
Ways to find and measure information; for example, surveys, tests, scales, or ratings.
Detail Inventory Table category including: measure, miscellaneous, optical, scientific, survey, and time keeping.
are ways to gather and measure information (e.g., surveys, tests, scales, or ratings).
Tools used to observe, measure and control. For example, pilots use instruments to measure and observe the altitude, speed and direction of an aircraft.
The varied tools required in the embalming operation.
Dials or gauges by which information about the flight, airplane, or engine is relayed to the pilot. When the pilot flies the airplane solely by reference to the gauges, he is said to be flying "on instruments."
a very successful international equipment company with expertise in gas analyzers
Learners fill out questionnaires, self-profiles, checklists, etc., in order to gain insight, to explore a topic, or to assess learning, skills, problems, or situations. Interview Usually a 60-minute or less dialogue between an expert and learner. Learners are given an opportunity to interview and question a resource person. The interview can be conducted by someone else while the learners simply observe.
are formal written documents usually meant to include, in the ILO, Conventions, Recommendations, and Protocols.
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a wholesaler of new and used electronic test and
a document with a financial obligation or right
Financial securities, such as money market instruments or capital market instruments.
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Interest rate on debt Interest sensitive stock
Devices for indicating or measuring conditions, performance, position, direction, etc.