Definitions for "Conventions"
established ways of working in drama (e.g., hot seating, role on the wall, freeze-frame images) that explore meaning or deepen understanding; or established practices in theatre (e.g., the soliloquy, aside)
established procedures in creating, performing, and interpreting musical works
established procedures, in making art works, that use particular techniques or processes to represent, organise, or interpret ideas
recurrent techniques, practices, or devices followed by writers that reflect the time a writer lived in and which was acceptable to the cultural expectations of the public
The widely accepted practices in English punctuation, grammar, usage, and spelling that are taught in schools and employed by educated speakers and writers.
The domain of writing that includes the mechanics of: spelling, capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure.
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Accepted practices or features which help define forms of texts and meaning (see genre). We recognise a genre (type of text) through its conventions eg. Conventions of a Western include such stock characters as hero (white hat), villain (black hat), school marm, bar girl, themes such as tension between the settled life of the town and the freedom of the frontier which resolves as hero rides into the sunset with his best pal, his horse.
The established story elements that are familiar to viewers and give films varying degrees of predictability depending on how often they are used. They help us follow stories and also overstay their welcome and become conventional. In early westerns, for example, the convention that the hero wore a white hat while the bad guy wore a black hat was soon worn out. But initially, it helped us recognize, in an immediate visual way who was who. The movie Scream both identifies and has fun with a number of horror film conventions such as: never say I'll be right back, don't run up the stairs when you should be running out the door, and never have sex in a slasher story. This film points out that the conventions help us navigate our way though a film, but they shouldn't become too predictable because the other half of filmmaking is surprise.
The rules governing fencing for a specific weapon.
Accepted practices or rules in the use of written or oral language.
Pre-K,K,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 14 The accepted rules of written and spoken language.
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Large gatherings for the hobby game industry and/or consumers who enjoy hobby games. You can typically find the Pokémon TCG and other games to play at these conventions.
are international treaties which are open to ratification by ILO member States. When a State ratifies a Convention, the country pledges to apply the Convention's terms and provisions in law and practice.
common principles of form and/or style shared by performers and audiences, usually by tradition, but sometimes negotiated within the performance
Unrealistic devices or procedures that the reader (or audience) agrees to accept.
International agreements dealing with specific subjects.