Definitions for "TranslatOr"
The conversion of a document from one format to another. This is done by using a translator which is the application system, that performs the conversions through a link. The system links flat files from an internal application system and the EDI X12 transaction set.
(1) A piece of software called by translation extensions or by applications to convert documents or scraps from one format to another. (2) A set of functions that convert QuickDraw data into QuickDraw GX shapes or pictures. The translation approximates the intent of the original QuickDraw images; it does not provide a pixel-by-pixel mapping of the image.
See EDI Translator.
TranslatOr aims at providing an online dictionary service allowing the user to freely define languages and their mappings . Its primary use is to make learning the vocabulatory of foreign languages easier.
One who translates; esp., one who renders into another language; one who expresses the sense of words in one language by equivalent words in another.
A person who can read and write English and another language well enough to accurately translate written material from one language into another. This person also understands the clients culture and is able to integrate that understanding into the translation of written material. See: Rights & Responsibilities; Notices & Letters
applied to parts of a pollinarium, comprising the central part or corpusculum, and the arm-like structures or caudicles uniting the corpusculum with the pollinia.
a person whose vocation is serving as a bridge to abridge the differences that thousands of years of division have caused
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a "message conveyor
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a product that is hard wired onto the PARROTT headset, therefore it cannot be purchased separately
a collection of D assignment statements provided by the supplier of an interface that can be used to translate an input expression into an object of struct type
an expert in codes
A translator is the visual representation of a code block in Dreamweaver. It is not visible, nor generated in the page viewed in a browser. It is visible only in Dreamweaver, to provide a better view on the page under development.
Translates Java bytecodes into software the specific computer and its operating system can understand. Translators are found in Java enabled browsers.
a program that can be attached to a pathname and perform specialized services when that pathname is accessed
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a person whose job is changing esp
a low-powered broadcasting facility used to provide coverage to areas lacking a primary signal from a transmitter
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A repeating instrument.
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an educated and learned
a normal program, running in its own address space, with the rights and the identity of the user who started it