Definitions for "Digital to Analog Converter"
Keywords:  dac, analog, waveform, convert, voltage
A device which interprets Digital information and converts it to Analog form. All digital musical instruments must have a DAC so that we can hear their output.
In narrow sense: A device (usually, a micro-chip) which transforms a signal from digital form to analog form. This is done by conversion of binary codes into analog signal values and holding these signal values during sampling interval. In wider sense: Device performing all functions, necessary to convert incoming digital video signals with a specified digital interface format, into analog video signals with a specified analog interface format, in particular, serial-to-parallel conversion, sampling frequency recovery, video signal post-filtering, and even sync pulse insertion Synonyms: D/A; DAC
A "DAC" is a device which receives digital input from some processor device and converts the digital value to a corresponding analog output to drive an analog control device.