Definitions for "ADC"
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nalogue to igital onverter.
see analogue to digital converter
Analogue to Digital Converter. An electronic circuit that converts an analogue signal into a binary number. The reverse operation is formed by a DAC.
Assistant District Commissioner, or Aide-de-camp to a governor.
Aide de Camp. Military honorary appointment of chief military aide or assistant. Use of the letters after a name after conclusion of the appointment indicates that the individual was aide de camp to a Head of State.
Assistant district commissioner. (see commissioner.)
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Automated Data Collection or Automated Data Capture refers to all technologies that automate the process of data collection without the use of a keyboard, including bar code, magnetic stripe, (OCR) optical card reader, voice recognition, smart card or (RFID) radio frequency identification. ADC provides a quick, accurate and cost-effective way to collect and enter data.
See Advanced Data Communications
Affiliated Data Centers
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A mail processing facility that receives and distributes mail destined for specific ZIP Code areas. (USPS)
AREA DISTRIBUTION CENTER. A designated geographical area defined by ZIP codes. The area distribution center is used for presort and makeup of certain classes of mails, computation of certain postal charges, distribution, and dispatch. (SCF for Missouri State mailings is Springfield, MO 65801.)
area distribution center. A mail processing facility that receives and distributes mail destined for specific ZIP Codes. ADCs and their associated ZIP Codes can be found in DMM labeling list L004.
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ir efense ommand
Association of Diving Contractors. An organization of diving industry leaders that strives to increase safety and safe working conditions for divers through education, intervention, and industry standards. ADCI Consensus Standards: A manual of Diving Procedures and Safety Standards developed by the Association of Diving Contractors International.
Actual Direct Costs. Those costs identified specifically with a contract, based upon the contractor's cost identification and accumulation system as accepted by the cognizant Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) representatives (See Direct Costs ).
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Allyl diglycol carbonate
assistant division commander
Air Defense Command
Military acronym for the Aerospace Defense Command section of the United States Air Force.
1. The Amateur Dramatic Club, one of the larger student theatrical production groups. 2. The ADC Theatre on Park Street.
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ATA Disk on Chip This is a chip which includes a solid state disk and an industry standard PC AT (ATAPI) bus interface.
Association of District Councils
Aquaculture Development Council
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Antibody-Drug Conjugate
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Army Dental Corps
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Apple Developer Connection
See "Apple Developer Connection"
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Alternative Daily Cover
Average Daily Census. The average number of patients in the facility per day. Derived by dividing the number of patient days for the year by the number of days the facility was open during the year.
Adult Day Care
Acquisition, Development, and Construction (package loan).
Aeronautical Development Corporation
Applied Direct Costs. The actual direct costs recognized in the time period associated with the consumption of labor, material, and other direct resources, without regard to the date of commitment or the date of payment. These amounts are to be charged to work in-process when any of the following takes place: Labor, material, or other direct resources are actually consumed. Material resources are withdrawn from inventory for use. Material resources are received that are uniquely identified to the contract and scheduled for use within 60 days. Major components or assemblies that are specifically and uniquely identified to a single serially numbered end item are received on a line flow basis.
Australian Dairy Corporation Website
Automatic Defect Classification. Defects found by wafer inspection systems are classified by the system into several categories based on their physical and optical properties.
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Access Deficit Charge
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Add-On Interest
address administrator
Administration Centre
Additional Duties Commitment
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Associated Designers of Canada
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area damage control