Definitions for "Withdrawn"
When a decision is made to not pursue a bankruptcy, a lien, etc.
This means a decision was made not to pursue a bankruptcy, a lien, etc. after court documents have been filed.
withdrawn from society; seeking solitude; "lived an unsocial reclusive life"
The process of removing items from the collection because they are outdated, duplicates, or in very poor condition; also the process of updating the record status to let patrons know the item is missing or being removed from the collection; Research libraries (like OSUL) rarely withdraw unique items from their collections
If an item is significantly damaged or loses its scholarly value it may be withdrawn from the collection.
tending to reserve or introspection; "a quiet indrawn man"
Marketing Withdrawn. In IBMspeak, and in this glossary, the date after which IBM would no longer sell you the product. Another important date is Service Discontinued in IBMspeak: the date after which IBM will not help you with the product and/or fix it. In this glossary, support ended is used instead of Service Discontinued.
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charges against a defendant may be withdrawn, that is, reversed.