Definitions for "Charges"
A formal accusation of having committed a criminal offence.
A formal accusation of having committed a criminal offense.
The alleged violations of law which an accused person must answer to in a criminal case.
The field in ledger tables that contains the product of multiplying the quantity and the rate. This field is updated during the Apply Rate Table function.
These are the published prices of services provided by a facility. CMS requires hospitals to apply the same schedule of charges to all patients, regardless of the expected sources or amount of payment. Controversy exists today because of the often wide disparity between published prices and contract prices. The majority of payers, including Medicare and Medicaid, are becoming managed by health plans that negotiate rates lower than published prices. Often these negotiated rates average 40% to 60% of the published rates and may be all-inclusive bundled rates.
All charges for Services, as published in our periodically updated Price Guide. These include any reasonable administration charges.
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Companies can charge for financial services in different ways, some may be for administration costs.
Companies can charge for financial services in different ways, some more straightforward than others.
Limits on property control. These are detailed on public documents and are recorded in the Property Register, but do not always involve financial rights. Some examples of such charges are beneficial interest, conditions subsequent, ground rent etc.
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Levies on users of transport services to recover the cost of resources used. An access charge, for example, is a fee an operator of transport services pays for the use of infrastructure. Economic theory suggests that users should pay the full cost-private and social-of the resources used. Taxes are levied over and above charges.
charges for access to, and use of, Services laid out in the Price Plan. These charges may cover (without limitation) fixed periodic charges, usage charges, account administration fees, fees for Connection and re-Connection and any costs incurred in collecting outstanding payments from you.
fees and interest which you have to pay, for example, when you borrow money or buy on credit.
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maintenance charges on a property (e.g. water, electricity)
Monthly or quarterly charges for the maintenance of common areas and amenities in co-op occupied buildings
the actual billed charges, except when the provider contracts directly or indirectly for a different amount.
The dollar amount charged by a provider for a unit of service.
The amount billed for products or services.
These arise when a bond is issued with security over certain assets. If the borrower defaults on the bond, the charged assets can be sold and the proceeds used to repay the debt to the lender. A fixed charge is a mortgage over a specific asset, usually land and buildings, and is also known as a mortgage. A floating charge is a charge over a class of assets, such as the stock in trade of the business. Bonds issued with a fixed charge are often known as debenture stock.
elements of decoration such as roses or small shield shapes, which appear on the surface of the shield.
Charges submitted for identified criteria (plan number/location code/group, etc.)
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(See Adjusted Total Charges).