Definitions for "parts"
A metaphoric term for different aspects of a person's experience. Parts are distinct from the specific behaviors adopted by the “parts” in order to get their positive outcomes.
A metaphorical way of talking about independent programs and strategies of behavior.
a useful metaphor in which contextualised aspects of a personality are 'separated' out and treated as distinct from the whole, or from other parts, in order for an NLP practitioner to work with the aspect in question to resolve incongruency, build resources or achieve some other outcome. Within this metaphor 'parts' are essentially treated like any other NLP client, with their own strategies, values, beliefs, resources and need for pacing and rapport.
Calculated points in the horoscope, aka Lots.
Calculated points in the horoscope, a.k.a. Lots.
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Hard parts are any bone, tooth, baleen, treated pelt, or other part of a marine mammal that are relatively solid or durable. Soft parts are any marine mammal part that is not a hard part (e.g. blood, muscle, blubber, skin, tissue-derived parts such as cell lines and DNA), excluding urine or fecal material.
The practice of publishing novels in separate monthly installments in magazine format.
When a artical / story in a magazine is broken up to be published over several issues. [Back to the Top
a once popular method of publishing a book in instalments, the individual parts or numbers intended to be bound together on completion.
the separate tunes or lines taken by the voices in a choir, but not always adhered to, as someone always thinks another part looks better, suffers from perdendosi (see below)
Subdirectory of the LDRAW folder created when the ldraw027.exe archive is extracted. This is the default location for all LDraw Parts.
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piano key POJO primitive public
The individual parts for the players in an ensemble, as opposed to score, which a conductor uses to direct. See also Set, Choral Score, Performance Score, and Scoring. Normally, small chamber works are only available as parts, with no score.
a large distributor of Computer Batteries, Printer Spares, Computer Accessories and Specialist Electronic Components
a Supplier of Computer and
The local environment; as, he hasn't been seen around these parts in years.
These are the most physical and tangible of the categories of evidence. They need to be collected, identified, labelled, examined or tested, preserved and stored.
Individual sections of a MIDI or audio track.
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Number of lines of rope or chain supporting the load block or hook.
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an opaque color, but a clear finish is also available
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This refers to modeling for the purpose of creating photos of body parts (e.g., hands, feet, eyes, etc.), rather than a photo in which the model is more identifiable.
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See Organ Language above