Definitions for "Archive "
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Archive is a fully drag-and-drop multi-format archiver. Drag a directory onto it to create an archive. Drag an archive onto it to extract to a directory. It can also compress and decompress streams .
A file that contains copies of one or more other files. An archive, which is often used for backup purposes may or may not be compressed. The popular unix archival utility.tar does not compress files.
Web sites refer to their back issues as an archive. It is usually a collection of individual reports or files, cataloged or listed and made accessible in some way. An archive is also a collection of computer files packaged together for backup or to transport to some other location.
The place in which public records or historic documents are kept.
Public records or documents preserved as evidence of facts; as, the archives of a country or family.
1. A group of compressed computer files. 2. A repository specifically designed for preservation, storage, display and use of archival records. 3. A collection of permanently valuable historical records documenting a particular subject or activity or transaction. Also the repository where such a collection is kept 4. A repository that intends to preserve information for access and use by one or more Designated Communities.
To store documents in an inactive area of the computer, or on a disk.
The act of making a user, school, dependent system or class archived or inactive.
a library storing the documents, tools and data that SWERA partners want to share with other partners and the world
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a dump without the seagulls
a reliable storehouse of information that helps those who use it build on history
a veritable treasure trove of information not just on women in Islam, but on sources of knowledge and other things
a snapshot of the database used for tracking reserves and capturing a view of your company's assets at a point in time
a snapshot of your data at a specific moment in time
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The process of saving complex custom filters for later use.
a place to save a history of all of your instant messages, alerts, conferences, and text messages.
a saved broadcast of a webcast previously shown for viewing on demand
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a central web site where fan fiction can be found. Archives are frequently, but not always, for a single fandom. Many archives are specifically for gen only, or het and gen, or het and slash. In some of the most popular fandoms, an archive may exist only for the fiction for a specific pairing.
a sub-group of the Heritage Interest Group
Archive are a London-based musical group, whose music spans electronica, trip hop and progressive rock.
Frequently Web sites will archive information so that if readers want to look at older information they can link to one place and view it. Otherwise, Web pages would be overrun with link after link after link that would drive everyone crazy. All of my past columns are archived. Many government sites are required by law to archive. That means that when we publish a new version of a rule or regulation at work, we must archive the previous one(s) so that the public can still get to them.
a dedicated directory which arch uses to hold a library of your project trees and changesets
a directory on a computer that is open to access by ftp or http
A directory of related information, press releases, and other data.
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an organisation from Baltimore, USA
areal density ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment)
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a useful source for international affairs, as the Insitute has always had an international as well as a national role
Content items can be archived and managed trough the Backend. The Archive Module provides a way of displaying archived items on your Web site.
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a list of major changes in ASA
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See Solaris Flash archive.
a good example of the very clear patient information he provides on a variety of topics on his website
a sort of library for papers, letters, photographs, books and other important items that can give us information about special topics
a website that hosts (publishes) many stories or essays, usually by multiple authors
a database that holds references to drawings, thumbnails and attributes
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noun. The user-accessible part of your calculator’s ROM. verb. Placing a program in the archive space.
This is usually seen when you own a cache. Archiving is basically deleting your cache from the listings on the web site. This usually occurs when you are not going to replace a cache after it has been removed. You can temporarily disable it as the cache owner if you plan to activate it again within a month.
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See Audit
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a machine that makes data available
an actual transfer of data from your computer to the DVD
a space on a public access computer system which makes data available
Detailed definition
The term Archive is in the process of being changed to District. See the definition for District.
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a major component of such an environment
area in the back office where articles should be kept if they are not to be featured directly on the home page.
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an available option
put into an archive