Definitions for "Filters"
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Filters is a image processing library: filter sobel,convolution,morphology,vectorization,segmentation,blob,blur,histogram,susan,threshold,texture,contrast,standard deviation,canny,distance map,matrix,contour,edge,rotation,correlation,gradient anisotropic
A software module that is designed to manipulate digital images or prints, either to imitate the effect of an optical filter or to sharpen, soften or otherwise transform the final image.
Effects you can apply to either the video or audio component of a clip or sequence. Filters affect the visual or aural quality of the clip to which they're applied. A video filter might change the colors of your image. An audio filter might reduce background noise. In addition to using the filters that came with Final Cut Pro, you can use some third-party filters, such as Adobe After Effects. You should note that while filters can correct problems with video and audio quality, they are no substitute for proper exposure and recording techniques.
Filters are scripts Frontier uses to build pages. firstFilter Called first. pageFilter The default pageFilter makes the first character of every page large. This filter can be edited to modify a page before it is embedded into the template. It is called after the directives in the page are processed but before anything else has happened. To disable the default of enlarging the first character..., select the third line, the one that starts "try", and choose Toggle Comment from the Outliner menu. (And hit the Compile button.) finalFilter FinalFilter is called at the end of the rendering process.
links to selection of appropriate fields, records or data.
a mechanism used by EndNote to interpret each piece of text within the fields of a record and place it in the correct EndNote library field
Various glass or acetate covers that can be placed over the lens of your digital camera to create special effects on the final digital photo.
Any transparent accessory added to the light path that alters the character of the passing light. With film, filters can alter contrast, color rendition, or the character of the light itself (diffusion, diffraction, etc.) In printing, variable contrast filters are used to evoke different contrast grades from variable contrast black and white paper. In computer imaging software, a set of instructions that shape or alter the image information.
A piece of glass or other transparent material used over the lens which alters the nature, colour or quality of the light passing through it. (see CC filters)
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Programs that accept input data and modify it in some way before passing it on. For example, the pr command is a filter.
A device that passes or blocks certain frequencies or groups of frequencies.
in electronics, a circuit that only passes certain signals. For blood flow measurement, a low pass filter is often used to strip out high frequency noise, leaving only the biological components of interest.
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Filters can be used to manage incoming email automatically, such as, deleting mail from a specific source or sorting it into folders.
Software used to separate wanted from unwanted email, based on the mail's characteristics. Filters might check for specific text strings, approximate text patterns, similarity to other messages or other criteria.
Filters automatically move incoming emails into separate folders according to criteria that you specify. These criteria may be based on who the email is from, the priority, the subject, the main message, etc. This is a useful feature if you have a lot of incoming emails that need some way of being automatically organized.
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Filters are used to 'clean' internet traffic of many types. For example there are email and web based filters to prevent viruses and spam from entering a company's network. These are often but not always installed inside a company's network and maybe integrated with, for example, an email gateway. Firwalls can also use filters to remove any unwanted or malicious network traffic before it enters the company's LAN.
Sets of rules that define particular types of resource. These filters are used by site definition s to define types of resources the robot should accept or ignore.
A program that search engines utilize to examine the copy on a website for spam. The use of spam on a webpage risks a ranking penalty.
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a fad akin to the Atkins di
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Software programs that cause a computer to deny access to locations where certain words appear. Teachers and parents may edit the list of words used in this blocking software. Two of the most popular filtering tools include Cyber Patrol and Net Nanny.
Customer-set limits on the amount and type of information available in the program guide. See also Channel List.
Configurable settings within gateway type components that deny network traffic to/from specific sources to a list of application programs.. Firewall - A type of component intended to constrain data flow between networks and components through the use of filters.
Hardware or software designed to restrict access to specific areas on the Internet.
Used by software programs to send information to a particular place so you don't have to do it by hand. Filters work just like coin sorters work: You feed any coin into the opening and the machine directs the nickels to one slot, dimes to another, pennies to another, and so on.
Hardware or software designed to create barriers to access to certain areas on the Internet.
aid in the removal of suspended solids in wastewater through filtration, chemical sorption, and assimilation.
Some image processing operations are referred to as 'filtering' operations, which are applied over a neighbourhood. In these, the values of the voxel being processed and that of its neighbours are used by the algorithm to produce a single output value.
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Allow selection of a subset of packets based on specific attributes of the logged packets.
Filters tell a device whether to allow passage of a data packet and/or to make a call. There are two types of filter applications: data filtering and call filtering.
In IP and IPX packet filtering, a series of definitions that indicate to the router the type of traffic allowed or disallowed on each interface.
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A means of narrowing the scope of a report or view by specifying ranges or types of data to include in or exclude.
A means of narrowing the scope of a log file view or report by specifying ranges and/or types of data to include or exclude.
a good investment,the long sleeve shirt will keep the epoxy off of your arms if you bump in to the wet cloth
Electronic, pleated and electrostatic filters are common upgrades to the throw-away, fiberglass filter your system probably uses now. Depending on your needs, a new type of filter may improve the air quality in your home.
devices used to change the natural quality of sound, light or colour in filming a scene
An idea borrowed from cigarettes, filters make sounds go all thin and squelchy, just like the breathing of a someone with lung cancer.
Inherent to digital sounds reproduction, filters affect the way a sound feels to the user.
the process a message passes through at both the encoding and decoding stages of transmission: these are personal in that perception is affected by such things as culture, language, and experience
levels of thinking that determine where we put our attention and consequently what constitutes perception. These filters determine how we respond to situations and people.
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See perceptual filters
EMI or RFI Filters. Electronic devices that filter out the waves to prevent interference. Broadband customers require microfilters (or 'filters') for each device plugged into a phone socket at home, when using the broadband service. For example, telephone handsets, fax machines and dial-up modems.
a recognized leader in air filter performance and efficiency for
Hepa filters, air filters, carbon, activated carbon & hydraulic filters, filter bags & filter media.
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See Interpolers.
Devices for separating and removing particulate matter, moisture or entrained lubricant from air.
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a very nice feature to help eliminate odors
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These prevent posts that do not match them from being displayed, just like an oil filter stops stuff that isn't oil from going through.
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These units are intended to help aid, in keeping your ponds water clean and clear.
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fog full ringing support
Filters are conditions applied in a search to limit the results. The filters include such fields as years, quarters, search terms, and sponsors.
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Filters can be placed on intensity, color and beam, and focus the effect of light.
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Allow you to import and export a variety of file formats.