Definitions for "epoxy"
A two-part compound used to fill holes in damaged wood. Once dry, epoxy patches are very strong and can be sanded, primed and painted.
A common form of adhesive (glue) that produces a very strong adhesive bond between substrates. Epoxy comes in liquid or putty form and in two parts. The epoxy base is intermixed with a catalyst immediately before application. Once the two parts are mixed, working time is limited.
A two part adhesive consisting of the resin and the hardener. A good choice for securing nonporous surfaces such as metal, glass, and some plastics.
a polymer and will brake down by UV Light
Organic polymer frequently used for a dome or lens, often prone to optical decay over time, resulting in poor lumen maintenance. Luxeon power light sources contain no epoxy and deliver superior lumen maintenance.
A polymer used in the construction of waveskis, esspecially custom skis.
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Normally a two pot ink used to bond to difficult surfaces.
highly durable ink type requiring addition of hardener, hence, a two-component ink.