Definitions for "Resin "
Any one of a class of yellowish brown solid inflammable substances, of vegetable origin, which are nonconductors of electricity, have a vitreous fracture, and are soluble in ether, alcohol, and essential oils, but not in water; specif., pine resin (see Rosin).
Any of various polymeric substance resembling the natural resins[1], prepared synthetically; -- they are used, especially in particulate form, in research and industry for their property of specifically absorbing or adsorbing substances of particular types; they are especially useful in separation processes such as chromatography; as, an ion-exchange resin.
Base for adhesives. Solid, semi-solid or pseudo-solid organic material which has an indefinite and often high molecular weight. Exhibits a tendency to flow when subject to stress.
The "B" component in SPF that is mixed with the "A" component in order to form polyurethane. Resin contains a catalyst, fire retardants, a blowing agent, Polyol, and a surface active agent.
Like lignin, resin is a small, undesirable component of wood, which for the most part is removed by adding deresinating agents to the cooking process.
Component B in spray foam chemistry. This component is mixed with the A component to form The Icynene Insulation System
Think of retsina.
the smell, predominating in Greek Retsinas, caused by the addition of small amounts of resin to the fermentation.tavel rosés and American Grenache-based rosés display a greater or lesser degree of resinous odors, while not actually having had resin added to them.
The end product obtained from the extraction of vegetable products as roots, mosses, balms, and rubbers.
polyethylene pellets used to make film. Roplast specializes in linear low density, low density and medium density resin products.
Plant product composed largely of esters and ethers of organic acids and acid anhydrides.
An adhesive which when combined with fiber material into a prepeg, is used for making a composite rod blank.
see: Composite
Resins are the "glue" that holds the paint together. They contribute to the adhesive quality by keeping the paint stuck to the surface.
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Resin provides fast Java servlets, JSP , XSLT, compiled JavaScript and a Java Web server. Its XSL can create JSP pages from XML, servlets can be filtered with XSL stylesheets, and JSP pages can use server-side JavaScript in addition to Java.
Whenever two separate doll making mediums are combined together and, upon a chemical reaction to one another, expand to fill a mold they are deemed to be a resin.
Complex chemicals, usually hard, transparent or translucent.
A chemical hardener used to strengthen the edges of panels.
Used for chemical filtration through ion exchange.
tiny beads used by a water conditioner to soften water; the place where ion exchange occurs inside a water conditioner
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The particles contained in the mineral tank which remove Iron, Calcium, & other minerals from your water thru an ionic reaction.
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Resin Some helmets and other props are made of resin. Not very friendly if dropped
see Cold cast.
is a casting medium for sculptures that captures all the details of an original sculpture. The casting is durable, can be finished to resemble all traditional sculpture materials, and it is affordable.