Definitions for "Calcium "
An elementary substance; a metal which combined with oxygen forms lime. It is of a pale yellow color, tenacious, and malleable. It is a member of the alkaline earth group of elements. Atomic weight 40. Symbol Ca.
A chemical found in lime, chalk and limestone which are used to neutralize soil acidity. Essential for crop growth. Also essential together with phosphorus for healthy teeth and bones in animals.
A chemical element important for bone formation
A necessary element used by salt-water corals and other organisms for their calcium carbonate skeleton or shell. A high calcium concentration is associated with the hardness of water. See carbonate hardness.
One of the major plant nutrients, it forms the structural part of the walls of plant cells. It is generally applied to soils in the form of calcium carbonate (limestone) or as an ingredient in commercial fertilizers.
In the form of calcium silicide acts as a deoxidizer and degasifier when added to steel. Recent developments have found that carbon and alloy steels modified with small amounts of calcium show improved machinability and longer tool life. Transverse ductility and toughness are also enhanced.
chloride CaCl2. This is a form of calcium that may be added to reef tanks to maintain the calcium level. However, kalkwasser (calcium hydroxide) is preferred, as adding kalkwasser does not upset the alkalinity or ionic balance the way calcium chloride can.
Short for calcium chloride-water solution used to fill tractor tires for ballast.
A mineral that is the major building block of corals and other calcareous organisms. In a reef tank, calcium levels should be maintained between 380 and 480 mg/l. Calcium levels can be maintained through regular water changes, by using calcium additives, or through the use of kalkwasser.
calcium citrate is a source of bioavailability calcium commonly used as a food additive. This calcium salt of citric acid is also used as a water softener.
As A Treatment"...In this sense, it is similar to sodium citrate..."
a liquid chelated compound for foliar or soil application
an effective dispersing agent when applied with other foliar spray chemicals
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Calcium is important for the regulation of impulses in the nervous system and for neurotransmitter production. However, excessive levels of calcium (hypercalcinuria) can result in stupor and have been reported to occur naturally in some autistic people (Pervasive Developmental Disorders: Finding a Diagnosis and Getting Help by Mitzi Waltz, copyright 1999 by O'Reilly & Associates, Inc)
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Hypochlorite Calcium-Chlorine compound containing 65% available chlorine used as a bactericide, sanitizer, or algaecide. Granular form for superchlorination or tablet form for regular chlorination.
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Macrophage Remission
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Inoperable Rectum
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Lymphocytic Regimen
A naturally occurring element which can enter the water from the catchments. It may also be added to water in the treatment process to reduce the acidity levels.
Occurs naturally in all water sources and along with magnesium is responsible for the hardness of water, which causes scale in kettles and hot water systems. The concentrations present in water do not present any risk to health. 250 mg/l
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An ion that lowers mash/wort pH.
Symbol Ca. Soils usually contain adequate amounts of calcium. It can also form part of other fertiliser components, e.g. superphosphate supplies phosphorus, but also includes calcium.
As A Treatment"...Calcium is also lost during lactation in breast milk..."
As A Treatment"... Saturated fats can also lessen calcium absorption..."
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See the link between IBS and Vitamin B12.
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a positively charged electrolyte
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See Lime-scale.
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a problem for people without a colon
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Indicative Prostate
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