Definitions for "Inclusions"
Particles of foreign material in a metallic matrix. The particles are usually compounds (such as oxides, sulfides, or silicates), but may be of any substance that is foreign to (and essentially insoluble in) the matrix.
Contamination particles in raw material caused by defects in the casting process
Any metallic particles, foil, bubbles, sections of millefiori cane, pieces of contrasting-coloured glass or any other bodies embedded in the main body of the glass
items included with the property eg light fittings, fridge, etc.
items sold with a property e.g. lights, stove, fridge.
Items included with the property such as light fittings, a refrigerator, or a pool table.
Those fixtures, appliances, etc. that are expressly included in a property sale. (See also Exclusions.)
Items to be included as part of a property sale, typically all fixtures as well as appliances and window coverings.
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Markings or foreign bodies found within the stone.
Foreign matter that occurs within a stone and displays a different color or effects from the rest of the stone.
Foreign matter within a gem or mineral, which often displays different colors from the rest of the stone, or other effects.
Any and all internal flaws naturally occurring in gemstones.
small crystals of other minerals found within the larger crystal structure of another mineral
Mineral grains that once existed separately but now form an aggregate
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From the main template, will insert text from the included template