Definitions for "Stove"
A house or room artificially warmed or heated; a forcing house, or hothouse; a drying room; -- formerly, designating an artificially warmed dwelling or room, a parlor, or a bathroom, but now restricted, in this sense, to heated houses or rooms used for horticultural purposes or in the processes of the arts.
An apparatus, consisting essentially of a receptacle for fuel, made of iron, brick, stone, or tiles, and variously constructed, in which fire is made or kept for warming a room or a house, or for culinary or other purposes.
An appliance having a top surface with fittings suitable for heating pots and pans for cooking, frying, or boiling food, most commonly heated by gas or electricity, and often combined with an oven in a single unit; a cooking stove. Such units commonly have two to six heating surfaces, called burners, even if they are heated by electricity rather than a gas flame.
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imp. of Stave.
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a heatproducing device
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To break the planking on a hull from the outside
a flexible option because it can be safely located almost anywhere in the house if there is enough space for proper clearances and a properly routed chimney