Definitions for "Freestanding"
A refrigerator designed to stand alone rather than one that's built-in.
Sculpture that does not derive from a background plane and is completely three-dimensional (the opposite of "relief").
A freestanding tent can stand on its own without the use of guy lines or stakes. A non-freestanding tent must be staked out, before it will stand on its own. Freestanding tents can be moved around within a campsite, after they've been set up.
Keywords:  hob, grill, oven, appliance, cabinets
A freestanding appliance is one which combines both hob, grill and oven in one unit and that slides between two cabinets and sits on the floor.
Refers to furniture not supported by systems furniture panels.
A stairway which is not supported by walls. Open underneath. up
One commercial building meant to be occupied by a single user.
Brand A brand name and identity used for a single product or service in a portfolio, which is unrelated to the names and identities of other products in the company's portfolio.