Definitions for "Building"
Keywords:  edifice, shelter, barn, enclose, roof
The act of constructing, erecting, or establishing.
The art of constructing edifices, or the practice of civil architecture.
That which is built; a fabric or edifice constructed, as a house, a church, etc.
an inanimate, impersonal object
an inanimate object that can not be sick
Adding and changing objects from Object Properties window or with a bot
a huge facility, which at times has been a struggle to maintain
a huge statue of Atlas struggling to keep the world on his shoulders
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The ability to place a card (or group of cards) on another card. In regards to rank, you can BUILD UP, BUILD DOWN, or BUILD UP/DOWN BY *. In regards to suit/color, you can BUILD BY SUIT, BUILD BY COLOR, BUILD BY ALTERNATE COLOR, BUILD BY ANY SUIT BUT OWN, or BUILD REGARDLESS OF SUIT. Note that all games that build will follow two of these rules, one from each list.
Adding a card to a pile. Building up means playing the cards in ascending order, building down means playing the cards in descending order. Building can follow suit, color or alternate colors, but there are games that build up and down regardless of suit or color.
a composition of solids, voids, colors, textures and patterns
code: based on agreed upon safety standards within a specific area, a building code is a regulation that determines the design, construction, and materials used in building.
Classifications Class "A" - Building has excellent location and access to attract the highest quality tenants. Building must be of superior construction and finish, relatively new or competitive with new buildings, and providing professional on-site management. Class "B" - Building with good location, management, construction land tenancy. Can compete at low end of Class A. Class "C" - Generally an older building with growing functional land/or economic obsolescence.
Includes all real estate, excluding land, owned by the business. Normally shown at original construction cost or purchase price.
the occupants of a building; "the entire building complained about the noise"
a string of events belonging together" Chris Fawcett Our services do not stop when the tenant takes occupation
The primary building subject of the inspection, designed and erected for the purpose of human occupancy or use (e.g. dwelling).
Keywords:  monolith, towering
a towering monolith
Building includes Housing and Infrastructures Housing House building in general. Infrastructures Building infrastructures like roads, bridges, etc.
a container for information or infrastructure in the Information City
Information about Bennett House Residential Home. View page
a distinctive marker in the Chicago skyline
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a heavy thing, describable in mechanical and chemical terms
a like a complex machine, the idea of the machine is one thing, but being able to assemble it, design every detail is an art in itself, one that comes with alot of experience
an expensive thing to get wrong
Keywords:  behemoth, heat, expensive
a behemoth and expensive to heat
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an interwoven fabric of barriers and pathways
a container of space
a human being's space and the background for his dignity and its exterior should reflect its contents and function
a living system of interacting and adjacent patterns of events in space
a project designed in a rationalist style
a machine for living' -- Le Corbusier The International Style is modern architecture
Intensification of high pressure systems (applied to a ridge or high pressure center).
a complex collection of components, assemblies and elements that are forged into a system
a very complex product, and improvement options will often require coordination between large numbers of actors
Keywords:  bombing, victims, painting, names
a painting with the names of all the victims of the bombing
a symbol, and the more people who place their faith in that symbol, the greater the statement in destroying it
a symbol, as is the act of blowing it up
a social entity
a visible, concrete manifestation of a social group or social institution
a significant missed opportunity
Administration Plan Review Inspections Permitting Licensing Department Significant Changes
a quick, efficient and economically sound plan for providing either temporary or permanent banking quarters
Keywords:  hill, little, drive, check, pass
a little up the hill if you drive pass the check in area
Keywords:  shift, historic, example
an example of this historic shift
an investment made by owners in anticipation of some return on the investment
Keywords:  concept, corporate
a corporate concept
Keywords:  proportions, correct, box, create, one
a box - so create one to the correct proportions
Keywords:  hazard, residents, health
a hazard to the health of its residents
A place where some activity is being or has been conducted. It is one location at the same address.
a collection of individual details
Keywords:  asset, protected
an asset and is to be protected always
Keywords:  expression, you
an expression of who you are,'' said Mr
Keywords:  parts, system
a system, all parts affecting all other parts