Definitions for "Dignity"
Elevated rank; honorable station; high office, political or ecclesiastical; degree of excellence; preferment; exaltation.
One holding high rank; a dignitary.
A Planet's dignity basically refers to the strength of its position in the chart. A Planet is strong, or said to be Dignified, when in a sign that it rules: (See chart Signs of the Zodiac: Houses and Planetary Rulers.) It is said to be exalted when in specific signs, or to be in its fall or detriment when in other certain signs. The origins of the principles are lost in antiquity, and thought by some astrologers to be obsolete. This is beyond what we want to study now, but it helps to understand the terms when they appear in something you are reading.
The state of being worthy or honorable; elevation of mind or character; true worth; excellence.
Elevation; grandeur.
Quality suited to inspire respect or reverence; loftiness and grace; impressiveness; stateliness; -- said of mien, manner, style, etc.
DignityInterview with Duff on Ryan Seacrest's radio show on 102.7 KIIS-FM Los Angeles. January 25 2007. Audio available at YouTube. is the fourth studio album by Hilary Duff, to be released in Australia on March 31 2007, in the United Kingdom on April 2 2007 and in the United States by Hollywood Records on April 3 2007 (see 2007 in music).
Fundamental principle; axiom; maxim.
The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights includes a section dealing with dignity. Though the charter is not yet part of the EU Treaty, citizens can refer to it in challenging decisions taken by EU institutions. (See Fundamental rights: EU Charter)
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formality in bearing and appearance; "he behaved with great dignity"
The value that a human being has simply by existing, not because of any property or action of an individual
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