Definitions for "Neptune"
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The son of Saturn and Ops, the god of the waters, especially of the sea. He is represented as bearing a trident for a scepter.
The remotest major planet of our solar system, discovered -- as a result of the computations of Leverrier, of Paris -- by Galle, of Berlin, September 23, 1846. It is classed as a gas giant, and has a radius of 22,716 km and an estimated mass of 1.027 x 1026 kg, with an average density of 2.27 g/cc. Its mean distance from the sun is about 5,000,000,000 km (3,106,856,000 miles), and its period of revolution is about 164.78 years.
One coat of arms has the figure of Neptune thus minutely described, believed to have reference to an escape from shipwreck. Argent, a Neptune crowned with an Eastern crown of gold, his Trident sable headed or, issuing from a stormy ocean, the sinister hand grasping the head of a ship's mast appearing above the waves as part of the wreck, all proper; on a chief azure, the arctic polar star of the first between two water bougets of the second--HEARD, co. Somerset[Lancaster Herald, afterwards Garter King of Arms, granted 1762].
The North-East Pacific Time-Series Underwater Networked Experiments is a proposed US Project to cable and instrument the Juan de Fuca tectonic plate and the overlying water column. Such a regional cabled observatory would become part of the Ocean Observatories Initiative in the United States. It would also link into the NEPTUNE Canada project which is already underway.
Neptune was one of the notorious Second Fleet ships to Port Jackson. Built in the Thames River in 1779, at 809 tons she was the largest ship of the fleet. In company with Surprize and Scarborough she sailed from England with 421 male and 78 female convicts on 19 January 1790.
NEPTUNE is an acronym for North-East Pacific Time-series Undersea Networked Experiments. The NEPTUNE project aims to be the largest underwater cabled observatory. Stage 1 will lay approximately 800 km of power and fibre optic cables over parts of the Juan de Fuca tectonic plate off the west coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia.
The naval section of Operation Overlord.
The code name for the naval operations supporting Overlord.
Operational code name for the Allied D-Day Normandy beach landings - the assault phase of Operation Overlord
Neptune (ネプチューン) is a three-man Japanese conte group consisting of two boke, Taizo Harada (原田泰造), and Ken Horiuchi (堀内健) - usually referred to as Horiken (ホリケン), and one tsukkomi, Jun Nagura (名倉潤).
Rules music, television, movies, fashion, glamour, dreams, illusion, drugs, the intangible and the elusive. It also represents abstract thought, alcohol, the universal subconscious and the oceans of the Earth.
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31,000 miles 164.79 years 15 hrs 48 min 59,911.1 days 2,800,000,000 mi 1.6 x density of water-200 deg C at cloud tops
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Refers to King Neptune, ruler of the Raging Main
Early African Violet cultivar from which many of today's varieties have been developed. One of the first 10 commercial hybrids introduced in 1927, all of which had blue flowers. More information.
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for magick and people connected to Neptune
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spiritual expression.
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