Definitions for "Ganymede "
Ganymede is a metadirectory system, primarily intended for UNIX-like environments, but capable of being run with some effort on any server supporting Java
A large rocky moon orbiting Jupiter that was discovered in 1610 by Galileo.
In 2154, colonization and terraforming efforts began on the Jovian moon. With assistance from the Centaurans, the Stellar Consortium installed a set of orbital solar mirrors to bring light and fertility to the world that would become the Consortium's new bread basket. The Ganymede planetary government won Consortium approval to set strict immigration policies and prohibitive settlement fees in an effort to prevent Ganymede from becoming a small version of Earth. In 2651, the orbital mirrors were destroyed and the colony was destroyed by the Kretonian invasion. In the year 3000, Ganymede was settled by the Maltarians, who began building a military base and a colony.
In Greek mythology, a beautiful Trojan boy, son of Tros and Calirrhoe. Befriended by Zeus and made cupbearer to the Olympian gods.
Trojan shepherd boy with whom Zeus fell in love and, in the shape of an eagle, carried off to heaven, where he became cupbearer to the gods.
(gan-uh -MEED) cupbearer of the gods
Ganymede is a fictional character and a superhero from the Marvel Universe
A log4j plugin to Eclipse that works similar to chainsaw . Includes color, filtering, detailed information, and saves settings.