Definitions for "Jupiter"
The supreme deity, king of gods and men, and reputed to be the son of Saturn and Rhea; Jove. He corresponds to the Greek Zeus.
One of the planets, being the fifth from the sun, the brightest except Venus, and the largest of them all, its mean radius being about 43,345 miles (69,758 kilometers), almost exactly one-tenth that of the sun. It revolves about the sun in 4,332.6 days, at a mean distance of 5.2025 from the sun (778,140,000 km), the earth's mean distance (the astronomical unit) being taken as unity. It has a mass of 1.901 x 1027 kg, about one-thousandth that of the sun, and more than the remainder of the planets combined. It has an average solar day equal to 9.842 earth hours. The rapid revolution causes a noticeable flattening at the poles; the diameter at the equator is 71,370 km, and at the poles 66,644 km.
Ruler of the Gods. He is the god of Sky, Lightning and Thunder.
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A trademark used by a West German matchcover manufacturer with approximate dimensions to that of a Jewel.
"Jupiter (Swallow The Moon)" is a song by Jewel that was released in 1999 as a single from the album Spirit, following the second single "Down So Long". The single release saw an entirely new version. Jewel re-recorded vocals and the music for a more pop release to the public, even the title of the song was changed from "Jupiter" to "Jupiter (Swallow The Moon)".
Jupiter is the third album by alternative/metal band Cave In. It was released in 2000.
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Plan for operations in northern Norway.
Operational code name for British plan to invade Norway
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The PGM-19 Jupiter was an intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) of the United States Air Force. It was a liquid-fueled (LOX and RP-1) rocket, with one engine producing 667 kN of thrust. Jupiter was America's second IRBM design, the first being Thor.
In astrological and alchemical thought, the seven heavenly bodies known to the ancients were associated with seven metals also known in antiquity. Jupiter was associated with tin. [ Helmont
Jupiter is a Japanese game and hardware development studio that focuses on handheld consoles. It is based in Kyoto, though they have a secondary branch in Tokyo.
a celebrated teacher, endowed with royal splendor
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88,700 miles 11.86 years 9 hrs 50 min 4,332.1 days 485,000,000 mi 1.3 x density of water-130 deg C
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for magick and persons connected to Jupiter
A conversational system that provides up-to-date weather information over the phone. Jupiter knows about 500+ cities worldwide and gets its data from four different Web-based sources.