Definitions for "Pluto "
The son of Saturn and Rhea, brother of Jupiter and Neptune; the dark and gloomy god of the Lower World.
The ninth planet of the Solar System, the smallest (5700 km radius) and most distant from the sun. The suggestion has been made that it more closely resembles a large close comet than a planet. Its orbit has an eccentricity of 0.248, larger than that of any other planet; it varies from 4.44 to 7.37 billion km distance from the sun.
The smallest planet in our solar system. Pluto is neither a gas giant planet, nor a terrestrial planet, but rather is though to have been gravitationally captured by our Sun. Check out SEDS' Nine Planets, for more about planets. Or see StarDate's Solar System Guide.
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a cartoon character created by Walt Disney
3,600 miles 248.43 years not known 90,824.2 days 3,000,000,000 mi about the same den. as water -230 deg C
km²(0.033 Earths) | volume = 7.15 km³(0.0066 Earths) | mass = 22}} kg Earths) | density = 2.03±0.06 g/cm³ | surface_grav = 0.58 m/s²(0.059 gee) | escape_velocity = 1.2 km/s | sidereal_day = −6.387230 d(6 d 9 h 17 m 36 s) | rot_velocity = 47.18 km/h (at the equator) | axial_tilt = 119.59° (to orbit)112.78° (to the ecliptic) | right_asc_north_pole = 133.045±0.02°(8 h 52 min 11 s) | declination = -6.145±0.02° | albedo = 0.49–0.66 (varies by 35%) | adjectives = Plutonian | atmosphere = yes | temperatures = yes | temp_name1 = Kelvin | min_temp_1 = 33 K | mean_temp_1 = 44 K | max_temp_1 = 55 K | surface_pressure = 0.30 pascals (summer maximum) | atmosphere_composition = nitrogen, methane }}
Pluto is a library which allows users to write arbitrarily large portions of the "Lua universe" into a flat file, and later read them back into the same or a different Lua universe. Object references are appropriately handled, such that the file contains everything needed to recreate the objects in question.
Pipe Line Under The Ocean - pipeline laid under the English Channel to supply oil to the Normandy invasion forces in 1944
indicator of rejuvenation and power.
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a new template that uses the MooFX technique
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blend for magick and persons connected to Pluto