Definitions for "Tale of Two Sisters"
Keywords:  horror, woon, kim, spooky, korean
a beautiful film to look at, even on the small screen
a deeply unsettling film that tells the story of a young girl, Su-mi, returning to the family home following a spell of mental illness
a film that features an uneasy atmosphere,
Keywords:  judy, garland, honest, daughters, raw
an honest, raw account of growing up as the daughters of Judy Garland
a considerable leap in quality,
a small gem in an anthology that, while inconsistent in quality and setting, never fails to entertain
Keywords:  huge, giant, road, dvd, let
a huge let-down
a huge step on the road to becoming a US DVD giant
a richly complex and challenging cinematic treat that may very well demand repeat viewings
Keywords:  sure, know, art, work, mean
a real work of art, I am sure you know what I mean