Definitions for "Garland"
Keywords:  wreath, anthology, adorn, festoon, pews
The crown of a king.
A wreath of chaplet made of branches, flowers, or feathers, and sometimes of precious stones, to be worn on the head like a crown; a coronal; a wreath.
A book of extracts in prose or poetry; an anthology.
The wavy patter created with one or more chain of millefiori canes.
an arrangement of millefiori canes in loops, circlets, or other chained configuration
Any spacing scheme using one or more chains of millefiori canes in an undulating pattern.
Keywords:  bfa, mfa, professor, theatre, florida
an Assistant Professor of Theatre at the University of Florida where she teaches in the MFA, BFA, and BA programs
A grommet or ring of rope lashed to a spar for convenience in handling.
a city in northeastern Texas (suburb of Dallas)
Keywords:  actress, singer, film, united
United States singer and film actress (1922-1969)
Keywords:  victory, died, young
Victory D.Y. Died young
Keywords:  draped, cake, border, icing, around
Draped icing used as a border around a cake.
Keywords:  china, vines, hanging, edge, partial
a database term meaning a pattern which has leaves, vines, and other items which appear to be hanging from the top or side edges of the china piece.
Half or partial turns performed without a change of edge.
Keywords:  sailors, sort, bag, netted, provision
A sort of netted bag used by sailors to keep provision in.
Keywords:  prized, thing, top
The top; the thing most prized.
Keywords:  deck
To deck with a garland.