Definitions for "Chaplet"
Keywords:  rosary, catholic, beads, fifty, roman
A string of beads, or part of a string, used by Roman Catholic in praying; a third of a rosary, or fifty beads.
A small molding, carved into beads, pearls, olives, etc.
a series of prayers repeated several times, like the Rosary
A garland or wreath to be worn on the head.
A tuft of feathers on a peacock's head.
To adorn with a chaplet or with flowers.
Keywords:  spacer, mould, core, molten, mold
A bent piece of sheet iron, or a pin with thin plates on its ends, for holding a core in place in the mold.
Small pieces of bronze placed between the core and the outer mould to keep the two separate and stable, and to allow the molten bronze to flow between the two. Also called spacers.
Metal support that holds a core in place within a mold; molten metal solidifies around the chaplet and fuses it into the finished casting.
Keywords:  chapel, shrine, small
A small chapel or shrine.
Keywords:  chapelet, see
A chapelet. See Chapelet, 1.
Keywords:  annular, figure, closed
a closed (annular) figure