Definitions for "Skelp"
Keywords:  welded, pipe, gun, iron, barrel
To form into skelp, as a plate or bar of iron by rolling; also, to bend round (a skelp) in tube making.
A wrought-iron plate from which a gun barrel or pipe is made by bending and welding the edges together, and drawing the thick tube thus formed.
A piece or strip of metal produced to a suitable thickness, width and edge configuration, from which welded pipe is made.
Keywords:  slap, blooter, stoat, scud, strike
To strike; to slap.
To strike or slap. See also blooter, lamp, scud and stoat.
Keywords:  squall, rain, heavy, fall
A squall; also, a heavy fall of rain.
Keywords:  smart, stroke, blow
A blow; a smart stroke.