Definitions for "Ingot"
That in which metal is cast; a mold.
A bar or wedge of steel, gold, or other malleable metal, cast in a mold; a mass of unwrought cast metal.
Metal cast into a bar or other shape.
A term used to describe the single-crystal silicon mass after the crystal growing process. Also called boule.
The silicon brick created when polysilicon is melted and crystallized in a furnace. Typical size for multicrystalline ingots are 680 x 680 mm with a weight of 250–300 kg. Monocrystalline ingots are cylindrical with typical diameters between 150 mm and 200 mm and a weight of 40–60 kg. kW Kilowatt, a unit of power (1 000 watts). kWh Kilowatt-hours. A unit of energy equal to that expended by one kilowatt in one hour.
circular piece of single-crystal semiconductor material resulting from a crystal growth process; an ingot is ready to be shaped and sliced into wafers used to manufacture semiconductor devices. learn more.
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An ingot is up to 11 tonnes in weight, just over 500 mm thick, over 1600 mm wide and over 4500 mm long.