Definitions for "Polysilicon"
(sc) polycrystalline silicon, extensively used as conductor or gate material in a highly doped state.
silicion with randonly oriented grains where each grain is made up of single crystalline materail.
Highly purified silicon used in the electronic and solar industry.
Keywords:  lcd, tft, prism, rgb, assembled
Polysilicon technology splits light into red, green and blue (RGB) components and directs each to its own liquid crystal display (LCD) panel. Each LCD creates an image for its respective color by blocking out portions of the light (similar to a film negative). The output or images of the three panels is then "assembled" by a prism and transmitted through a lens to project a fully saturated color image.
Polysilicon is a material used in the manufacturing of the LCD screen. It gives a better contrast ratio and faster response time than the TFT LCD screens.