Definitions for "Prism"
A solid whose bases or ends are any similar, equal, and parallel plane figures, and whose sides are parallelograms.
A transparent body, with usually three rectangular plane faces or sides, and two equal and parallel triangular ends or bases; -- used in experiments on refraction, dispersion, etc.
A form the planes of which are parallel to the vertical axis. See Form, n., 13.
A small masonry assemblage made with masonry units and mortar. Primarily used to predict the strength of full scale masonry members. ASTM E447.
A small masonry test assemblage made with masonry units, mortar, and sometimes grout. Primarily used to predict the strength of full scale masonry members.
A small assemblage made with masonry units and mortar and sometimes grout. Primarily used for quality control purposes to assess the strength of full-scale masonry members.
Panchromatic Remote-sensing Instrument for Stereo Mapping (Japon)
Panchromatic Remote-sensing Instrument for Stereo Mapping (Japan)
PRISM, formerly know as ESCM, is an interchange format for exchanging component models between Rational Rose and ESML.
PRISM wireless networking solutions are a family of Conexant chipsets used for Wireless LANs, and were formerly produced by Intersil Corporation.
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Prism is a Canadian rock band formed in Vancouver in 1976. It has had a variety of lineups, including Ron Tabak (vocals), Lindsay Mitchell (guitar), Al Harlow (bass), Rodney Higgs (drums) and John Hall (keyboards).
Prism is the debut album by Canadian rock band Prism, released in 1977 (see 1977 in music).
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Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata: a packaging and metadata format, similar to NewsML, RSS, and XMLNews-Meta. Like RSS 1.0 and XMLNews-Meta (but not NewsML), PRISM is based on the World Wide Web Consortium's Resource Description Framework (RDF). PRISM is developed by an industry consortium of publishing software developers and publishers, including (among many others) Adobe, Quark, Conde Nast, and Time Inc. While the PRISM web site reports an interoperability demonstration at Seybold Boston in February 2000, no PRISM software is currently known to be available. See
a common example of how a signal is a composition of signals of varying frequencies
a commonly used device to demonstrate how a signal is a composition of signals of varying frequencies
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(Polymer Reference Interaction Site Model) Adaptation of RISM theory for liquid polymers by Schweizer & Curro. Based on single chain conformational statistics and interaction potentials.
Prism is a fictional planet created by Alan Dean Foster in which in addition to carbon based life forms, silicon based life forms also abound. There are a number of intelligent species on the planet, but the book which introduces the planet, Sentenced to Prism, only deals with one group, known as the Associative. The Associative contains a number of different specialized sub-types, much as a termite mound would.
a simple example of a spectrometer
PRecise ISotope Mass spectrometer A mass spectrometer for stable isotopes built by VG (UK)
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A prism is a clay object with four, six or (occasionally) eight sides, each inscribed in one or more columns. Prisms usually contain one entire lexical or literary composition. Their use in the Old Babylonian school system is still somewhat unclear, but it is likely that they were written by school boys and dedicated to Nisaba, the goddess of writing. All lexical compilations end with a formulaic praise to Nisaba and some prisms (not those from Nippur) add a short inscription in which the text is dedicated to several deities, usually including Nisaba and her consort Haia.
Primary School Management Programme (Kenya)
erformance egistration nformation ystem anagement. A federal-state motor carrier safety program that ties a carrier's safety rating to their ability to register trucks. Maine is a PRISM member.
The Pliocene Research, Interpretation, and Synoptic Mapping Project, the goals of which include providing modelers with improved quantitative global paleoenvironmental information associated with the warm climates of the Pliocene and providing a forum for data and modeling experts to collaborate in establishing what boundary conditions are needed, planning model experiments, and interpreting and evaluating model results. See Dowsett et al. (1994) and the PRISM Web site.
Prism (real name Robbie) is a mutant supervillain in Marvel Comics Universe.
Prism - In crystallography, a crystal face that intersects two and only two crystallographic axes.
a face that is perpendicular to a major axis of the crystal, whereas a pyramid is one that is not perpendicular to any major axis
PRISM (Philadelphia Regional In-Home Sports and Movies) was a 24-hour premium cable television channel intended for cable customers in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania metropolitan area.
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a simple type of spectrograph
Peer-Reviewed Independent Software for Medicine. Prism uses Mindwrapper development tools.
The statewide Minnesota Child Support Enforcement Division computer system Providing Resources to Improve Support in Minnesota.
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See Partnership for Initiatives in Science and Mathematics.
Performance Registration Information Systems and Management
Performance and Registration Information Systems Management
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a good example of this