Definitions for "Rectangle"
A four-sided figure having only right angles; a right-angled parallelogram.
A quadrilateral with four 90 degree angles.
A rectangle specified in terms of its top-left corner and the co-ordinate below and to the right of its bottom-right corner. See also: point  size  region
When prices move side-ways between two parallel horizontal lines. Also referred to as a "trading range" or "congestion area" and usually represents a consolidation period within an existing trend but can also be a reversal pattern depending on the breakout direction.
a Bullish continuation pattern, and SHOULD break up
a continuation pattern that forms as a trading range during a pause in the trend
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a non-analytical drawing tool drawn for the purpose of highlighting the necessary segment of a chart
a simple overlay that outlines a lat/lng bounds on the // map
A rectangle consists of the text in a given range of columns on a given range of lines. Normally you specify a rectangle by putting point at one corner and putting the mark at the diagonally opposite corner. See section H.10 Rectangles.
A 300x250 pixel interactive online advertisement in the form of a graphic image that typically runs in the middle of content of a webpage. May be GIF or JPEG images or Rich Media such as Flash. Many ads are animated since animation has been shown to be more effective. The Leaderboard is 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels high. See Creative.
a tuple containing two coordinate pairs
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a good, simple shape to begin with
a neutral and stable shape
a shape, for example