Definitions for "Pentagon"
A plane figure having five angles, and, consequently, five sides; any figure having five angles.
Plane figure with five straight sides. In a regular pentagon, one with all five sides and angles equal, the angles are all 108°. A regular pentagon can be superimposed on itself after rotation through 72° (2/5 radians).
A polygon having five angles and five sides. Each angle is 108 degrees.
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The Pentagon home computer, manufactured in former Soviet Union, is a clone of the British-made Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128. Its PCB was copied all over the USSR, which made it the most widespread Soviet ZX Spectrum clone. Later models featured a "turbo" mode that allowed for higher processor speed than the original's 3.50 MHz.
the United States military establishment
Real U.S. Government military arm, often depicted in fictional works. The employer of intelligence operatives Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott in the TV show I Spy.
Pentagon is a Washington Metro station in Arlington, Virginia on the Blue and Yellow Lines. It is a transfer station for the Blue and Yellow lines, but they do not cross; this is where the two lines diverge going north, the Blue Line continuing on in Virginia and the Yellow Line crossing the Potomac River.
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Pentagon was a 1986 novel by Allen Drury.
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a pentagram that does not shine, or shines darkly
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(the building, in general and specifics related to Sept. 11)
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