Definitions for "Five"
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Personality type Five of the Enneagram. Synonymous with the Investigator. According to Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson.
Five Ancients who are regarded as the greatest heroes of all time. Countless are their deeds, but their victory over the Dark Dragon, the greatest of the Demon Lords to leave the Void, is undoubtedly the greatest. Legend goes that after this final victory they left through the Last Portal to the Void and fight there against the Demons until the Final Day comes. Of the Five, the story of Rothgar is best-known.
The Russian Five, or Mighty Handful (Moguchaya Kuchka).
The starter will show the field their hand or "five fingers" to indicate 5 Laps remaining.
Relationships The Confucian concept of ideal social relationships, formulated by classical Chinese philosophers such as Mencius (372-289 B.C.), which states that there should be affection between father and son, righteousness between ruler and minister, attention to their separate functions between husband and wife, proper order between old and young, and faithfulness between friends.
A five-second penalty assessed when a whitewater paddler touches a gate pole.
five runs scored as penalty runs. five runs scored off a single ball, either by a single run plus an overthrow reaching the boundary or by running five runs between the wickets.
a team that plays basketball
Five (originally spelled 5ive) are a British boy band put together in early 1997 by the same team who formed the Spice Girls. They enjoyed fair success worldwide, but particularly in the UK, parts of Europe, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, Israel and Australia. They disbanded on 27 September, 2001 after selling close to 20 million records, and having 11 top ten UK singles and 4 top ten albums.
Five (often referred as five, as per the logo), formerly, and more commonly known as Channel 5, is the British fifth and final national analogue terrestrial TV channel.
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cinco Checking into a hotel flat un piso Being shown round a flat
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Four and one added; one more than four.
The number next greater than four, and less than six; five units or objects.
the cardinal number that is the sum of four and one
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a pretty poor out with that flop
a very good card in flop game poker, especially in Hilo split games
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cinq Getting tickets
a moderate pace, such as walking briskly or climbing a couple sets of stairs
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Term for a five-dollar gold coin or half eagle.
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radio call sign for the executive officer of a unit
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A symbol representing this number, as 5, or V.