Definitions for "Korea"
An Asian peninsula off Manchuria.
The Korean Ministry of Finance & Economy insists this is an unofficial home page;it nevertheless serves up a very complete overview of tax and customs law for Korea's citizens and foreigners. There's another, newer, government site at the Ministry of Finance & Economy, but this one doesn't seem to have much about taxation. You might also have reason to read The Foreign Investment Laws of North Korea, an extensive paper presented in March, 1998, at the Southwest Legal Foundation.
Korea (Korean: 한국 or 조선, see below) is a geographic area, civilization, and former state situated on the Korean Peninsula in East Asia. The peninsula is currently divided into North Korea and South Korea, and borders China to the northwest and Russia to the northeast, with Japan situated to the southeast across the Korea Strait.
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Financial Supervisory Service
The national water department, the national agricultural farmers union, and the state-owned Ginseng & Tobacco Company are all relatively new users of Visa Purchasing.
a delightful destination for international travelers
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a trading and home shopping company