Definitions for "Visa"
To indorse, after examination, with the word visé, as a passport; to visé.
Visas are required by many countries for entry of a foreigner. A visa is a stamp in a foreign national's passport issued by a U.S. consular officer which creates a legal presumption that there are no apparent reason to deny entry into the U.S. Regardless of the stamp, the final decision to grant admission is made by an officer of the U.S. Immigration Service at the port of entry.
A stamp placed in a passport by a U.S. consular officer outside of the United States. All U.S. visas serve as entry documents to the United States. Visas can be designated as either immigrant (permanent) or nonimmigrant (temporary). Immigrant visas are issued to those who will live in the United States permanently. Temporary visitors may receive nonimmigrant visas.
a stain-resistant, washable fabric made by Milliken.
A registered trademark of Milliken and Company for fabrics with the ability to release stains without pretreatment of any kind. Nationally advertised VISA is considered a unique quality fabric that offers superb, easy-care performance for all garments. Colors stay bright and white stays white. Little or no pressing required.
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A credit card issued by VISA USA which is distributed by financial institutions around the world. A VISA card holder borrows money against a credit line and repays those funds with interest if the balance is carried over from month to month in a revolving line of credit. Click here to visit website.
A credit union-issued revolving credit card.
Visa is one of the main international credit card payment schemes. Visa does not issue the cards itself but instead runs the money transmission networks which link outlets, acquirers and issuers.
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Vancomycin Intermediate Resistant Staphylococcus aureus
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an outgrowth of the VXIbus Consortium
voluntary intermodal sealift agreement.
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A son of Dahayusa, father of four sons
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A registered mark for Visa U.S.A., Inc and Visa International, Inc.
Visa International Service Association and all of its subsidiaries and affiliates.
An international payment systems organisation controlled by its members.
a suite of software applications designed to optimize operations, delivering timely and accurate information to operational and management staff
We use the term Visa in many different ways. Depending on the context, it may refer to Visa Europe, Visa International, the Visa brand, or one of the Visa products.
Virtual Instrument Software Architecture
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an eye-for-an-eye thing
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a federally registered
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See Vis?.