Definitions for "Department of State"
the federal department in the UnitedStates that sets and maintains foreign policies; "the Department of State was created in 1789"
This department responsible for visa issuance worldwide through U.S. consulates and embassies. A bureau within the U.S. Department of State administers the Exchange Visitor Program and thereby regulates the stay of all individuals in J-1 status
The United States Department of State maintains diplomatic relationships between the United States and other countries. Within the U.S., the department oversees foreign embassies and consulates and manages the accreditation of their ambassadors and other personnel present in the U.S. It issues passports to U.S. citizens. Outside the U.S., the Department of State organizes the work of U.S. embassies and consulates, issues visas to foreign nationals, and generally assists in expediting international travel and commerce. The Department of State administers the Exchange Visitor Program, which includes J-1 students.
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