Definitions for "Home office"
The Department in England responsible for everything which is not the responsibility of another government department. Among responsibilities which relate to the personal social services are the Probation Service in England and Wales, asylum seekers and inter-country adoption.
The UK government department with responsibility for home affairs including immigration and asylum.
Government department responsible for all internal affairs (including policing) in England and Wales.
The headquarters of an insurer.
Generally, the corporate headquarters of an insurance company, where the chief offices of the organization are located.
If you mainly work from home, you may have set aside a room which you normally use as an office.
a fairly new item in that it's been recognized in the zoning bylaws in the City of Kelowna," says Peter
a space that has a particular set of needs individual to the client," says Camden, Maine-based architect John Gillespie
A part of your home or other structure on your property for which you qualify to take a deduction for its business use.
a convenient and low-cost place to start and grow a business, but it brings with it special challenges
a room in your home, a portion of a room in your home, or a separate building next to your home (such as a converted garage or barn) that you use exclusively and regularly to conduct business activities
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Home Owners' Loan Corporation (Holc)
an attractive feature, but not if the desk is covered with papers
a stimulating field and studying more about it can prove to be quite productive