Definitions for "Apartment"
A room in a building; a division in a house, separated from others by partitions.
A set or suite of rooms.
A room or suite of rooms in a building comprising a dwelling unit separate from others in the building, and typically having its own separate bath, sanitary, and kitchen facilities. Such apartments are in most cases rented from the owner by those dwelling in them.
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Apartment are a four piece band from London, UK; they formed in 2005, and are currently signed to Fleet Street Records. Toured with the likes of The Bravery and Jimmy Eat World. They have neen compared to Interpol, Duran Duran, New Order and The Smiths.
A dream of an apartment is usually a simple dream and shows the dreamer the state of finances or other situation he or she may be involved in. A beautiful, lavish apartment indicates you will see a large increase in your income or your family life will improve. If the apartment is shabby and dark then you will experience misfortune and possible loss of a husband, lover, or money. Try to recall the other symbols that caught your eye in your dream apartment and you will come close to approximating it's meaning.
One of an extensive row of smallish brick boxes, usually assembled in extensive rows, three to four boxes tall. Place of residence for the vast majority of urban Belgians.
a group of running components and threads with similar threading characteristics
a group of threads that works with contexts within a process
a logical container inside an application for COM objects which share the same thread access rules (i
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A compartment.
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a posh name for a flat
flat (to let)
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a good example of an area of refuge
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a good idea, or another, smaller house closer to town
Fits in smaller spaces with less outdoor exercise requirements Tell me more
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arm birds boot-tops carvings
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noun डेरà¤3/4 general, household
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a Home to a Tenant and an Investment to a Landlord
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a COM concept