Definitions for "Common area"
Most often used in reference to the property and liability coverages for apartments, condominiums, townhouses, cooperatives, and other related risks. Common areas are those areas not specifically owned by a tenant or individual property owner, but are owned either by the landlord or all the occupant-owners, or are under the control of the landlord or association. Common areas are open to all. The most common examples are hallways, parking areas, and recreational facilities.
means rooms and/or areas in residences whose facilities are shared by the occupants of the residence. The shared facilities usually include kitchen, lounge room, dining room, bathroom/toilet and laundry. Please note, while most common areas are located within individual units, villas and townhouses,in the case of the Residential Halls at the Hawkesbury Campus, the common area is located at one end of the Hall.
Common Area Assessments
The entire CID except for separate interests.
The improved real property shared by the members of an association.