Definitions for "association"
a specialization of Participation that expresses an "is associated with" Fact between two or more Types. Ideally, this "association" is described using a verb phrase that expresses the particular nature of the association. It represents any type of participation (relationship) other than aggregation or role. See Chapter 4
A kind of relationship or link between classes. Associations are further documented by stereotypes + roles + multiplicities + constraints + descriptive names + aggregation indicators + navigability indicators. [ uml.coll0.gif ] [ uml.coll1.jpg ] [ ] [ uml.association.gif ] [
The degree to which the occurrence of two variables or events is linked. Association describes a situation where the likelihood of one event occurring depends on the presence of another event or variable. However, an association between two variables does not necessarily imply a cause and effect relationship. The term association and relationship are often used interchangeably. See causal and temporal association.
MasterCard International, Visa U.S.A. or Visa International, which are licensing regulatory agencies for bankcard activities.
a fellowship of business professionals that encourages its members to help and inspire others as they climb up the corporate ladder
A body made up of individual members come together for a common purpose: there are non-voluntary associations, such as nations whose citizens do not have free choice of membership; and there are voluntary associations, such as companies, trade unions, and clubs, in which the individuals have chosen to become members.
An association is defined as a climax community of which the dominant stratum has a qualitatively uniform floristic composition and which exhibits uniform structure as a whole. For each stratum, the association description of the vegetation type should include floristic information for the dominant and/or diagnostic species (maximum of 3 species per stratum) plus the structural formation (dominant growth form, cover, height are combined as per Table 4). A maximum of three strata (upper, mid and ground;Walker & Hopkins (1990)) are allowed and the dominant stratum is indicated by a plus symbol "+". NVIS Level V. Beadle and Costin, 1952 NVIS
For more information see Classification of Ecological Communities .
a collection of plants with ecologically similar requirements, including one or more dominant species from which the group derives a definite character.
Also known as Pavlovian conditioning. A process by which a subject comes to respond in a desired manner to a previously neutral stimulus that has been repeatedly presented along with a stimulus that elicits the desired response. Most common Kappasinian association is conditioning the words "deep sleep" with the hypnotic state.
Ability to relate concepts presented through the senses (visual, auditory, tactile, or kinesthetic).
a much more vague concept, more impersonal, less intimate
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a network for MBA graduates, students and other Black Professionals
a resource for students who are either considering pursuing the dual degree or have already enrolled at both the business and law schools
a student organization formed to enhance and add value to the MBA experience
Mental connection, or that which is mentally linked or associated with a thing.
A mental connection of ideas, feelings or sensations; something linked in memory, thought or imagination with a thing or person; a connotation; the process of forming mental connections or bonds between sensations, ideas, memories, etc.
the state of being connected together as in memory or imagination; "his association of his father with being beaten was too strong to break"
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a business organization that encourages Blacks into professional occupations
a business organization that leads in the creation of economic and intellectual wealth for the African-American community
a business organization which leads in the creation of economic and intellectual wealth for the Black Community
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Originally used by England's Football Association, the term is applied to the national governing body for soccer in a country. The word 'soccer' is taken from 'Association.'
A WSYSA recognized administrative organization grouped within various Districts. EYSA, LWYSA, NYSA, and SnVYSA are the District II defined Associations
An administrative portion of WSYSA District IV responsible for organizing the Youth soccer program in a specific geographic area within the District. KPYSA, NSYSA, and OYSA are District IV Associations.
A group of individuals who meet for a common purpose.
An unincorporated business that is not legally separate from the persons running the business.
a gathering for the purposes of building and sustaining working relationships or the organization that plans such an event, usually for a membership group and invitees having an interest in common, therefore, a special interest group in the latter case. The Network may be referred to as a virtual association (see its mission statement); also, it uses the term members in conjunction with the expression target user group but that has nothing to do with a membership as a group of association dues payers that make up an organizational body that excludes those who do not pay. are generally excluded from the publication of their names an addresses in an economic development directory for example definition of association defined
An EII referring to the occurrence of a particular object or feature in conjunction with others, such as the presence of raw materials at a manufacturing facility, or a parking lot at a store. atlas - A collection of maps in book form, often of a particular region. Sometimes the atlas is used as a starting point for general, small scale maps from which more detailed maps can be identified and located.
The observed connection between the occurrence of an inherited trait, and a particular gene or DNA marker. Association studies are used to pinpoint genes involved in multifactorial disorders, which are influenced by several genetic and non-genetic factors. A condition in which features appear together in patients more often than could be accounted for by chance, but not thought to be due to a single causative mechanism e.g. CHARGE association.
the occurrence together in one context of archaeological remains
A mental process involving the joining together of behaviors, affects, sensations, or knowledge that are normally dissociated in ordinary waking consciousness; unification and incorporation. The inhibition of normal subject/object ("self/not-self") differentiation; the perceptual/experiential incorporation of that which is generally agreed to be (part of) "not-self" into that which is generally agreed to be (part of) "self." See text, Chapter 10. See also, " Altered State of Consciousness," " consciousness," " dissociation," " hallucination," "hypnosis," "regression, " " State of Consciousness" and " Transpersonal Consciousness."
Association contrasts with dissociation. In dissociation, you see yourself "over there." Generally, dissociation removes emotion from the experience. When we are associated we experience all the information directly and therefore emotionally.
a term applied to the combination of molecules of a substance with one another to form more complex systems.[ See dissociation and dissociation constant.
The mechanism by which two or more names may refer to the same entity. See also argument association, host association, pointer association, sequence association, storage association, and use association.
The relationship that allows an entity to be referenced by different names in one scoping unit or by the same or different names in more than one scoping unit. The principal kinds of association are argument association, host association, pointer association, storage association, and use association. See also argument association, host association, pointer association, storage association, and use association.
a legal entity and continues to exist even with changes of those in charge (the Board)
a center-point of opportunity and networking for the Jewish business community in the DC Metropolitan area
a community of like-minded professionals seeking personal growth in the ongoing endeavor to serve their clients to the highest level of human understanding
a formal expression of a community
a great way for students to get to know one another while in school and helps form friendships that extend far beyond the confines of the classroom
a means of identifying a set of exposures as belonging together and being, in some sense, dependent upon one another
an organization of adults banded together to sponsor and administer one or more non-school youth football teams
Union of persons in a company or society for some particular purpose; as, the American Association for the Advancement of Science; a benevolent association. Specifically, as among the Congregationalists, a society, consisting of a number of ministers, generally the pastors of neighboring churches, united for promoting the interests of religion and the harmony of the churches.
the first level of cooperation among Baptist churches in relatively small geographical regions (such as a county in areas with large Baptist population).
a creature of the churches, whose power is only self-government while together, and whose work, as to the churches, is to settle differences if possible, and that only by advice, without any kind of coercion
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in human genetic linkage studies, association studies frequently involve the comparison of allele frequencies for a marker locus between a disease population and in a control population. When statistically significant differences in the frequency of an allele(s) are found between a disease and control population, the disease and allele(s) are said to be in association. [Source: NHBLI/NCBI Glossary
The common linkage or involvement in an activity or subject area.
Soil Association is kind of map unit used in soil surveys which shows the size, shape, and location of a landscape unit composed of two or more kinds of component soils.
Advertisers often attempt to associate their product with desirable imagery to make it seem equally desirable. The use of attractive models, a practice known as sex in advertising, picturesque landscapes and other alluring images is common. Also used are "buzzwords" with desired associations. On a large scale, this is called branding.
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Many file types are associated with a particular program. The program with which the file is associated will open any file of that type when it is double clicked. Microsoft Word, for instance, is usually associated with files having the extension ".doc".
in the Windows operating system, an association is defined through the registry, telling the Windows Shell to associate a particular program with a particular filename extension. Thus, for example NOTEPAD.EXE might be the default program to open .TXT documents, and one would use MONTAGE3.EXE to open .MO3 files ( montages). When Windows doesn't know what to associate with a given extension, it prompts you to point it to the right program. You can review and change associations through Window Explorer's Folder Options dialog.
Linking a document with the program that created it so that both can be opened with a single command. For example, double-clicking a DOC file opens Word for Windows and loads the selected document.
The Association of magician featured in all the TypeMoon games. It's seat is located in London and it has the main function to control the usage of magic throughout the world. It is also a sort of academy in which mages can improve their powers and skills. The Association is strongly against the Holy Grail War.
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a tactic of thugs, Mafioso and crooks
The act of associating, or state of being associated; union; connection, whether of persons of things.
An ISO term, synonymous with ``connection.''
An association is a typed connection between two reference s and/or shadow s. It is used in a reference rich text or associations field s to establish a typed connection to another reference or shadow. An association references an association definition and is represented by an xref element.
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An underwriting activity whereby a group of participants agrees to share the risks of writing policies. Generally, each member agrees to accept a fixed percentage share of all profits and losses. Also called an insurance association, insurance pool, or insurance syndicate.
See Pool and Syndicate. (G)
(of an agent with a carrier), can either rely on encapsulation into the interior of a vesicle-like carrier or else results from molecular attachment to a carrier surface. Such molecular attachment preferably is due to simple adsorption ( physisorpis) but also can involve chemical attachment, if required.
An association of health information management professionals. AHIMA sponsors some HIPAA educational seminars.
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Hominoids Percussion Marks
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EThe association held a general meeting last week.EHer association with modern art goes back twenty years.
a relation resulting from interaction or dependence; "flints were found in association with the prehistoric remains of the bear"; "the host is not always injured by association with a parasite"
(chemistry) any process of combination (especially in solution) that depends on relatively weak chemical bonding
a named link between an application and ICC
Describes the establishment and maintenance of the wireless link between devices. (If security is enabled, the devices cannot do anything but exchange security credentials with this link). (See authentication). close
Association is the process of creating dynamic links that the OS must go through in order for a program to execute, and resolves every intermodule reference. Details.
the act of consorting with or joining with others; "you cannot be convicted of criminal guilt by association"
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European Rail Association (UIC).
A function is said to be associated with the first object or location that is defined above it in the game file. An underscore and the label of the item it is associated with is appended to the function name specified in the code to form the function's full internal name.
a declarative mechanism to associate objects, and it is well known from analysis and design notations
a pair of associated objects, a key and a value
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a type of a foo
An international trade association of companies. That specialize in planning and installing electronic systems for the home - typically media rooms, single or multi-room entertainment systems, home automation and communication systems, and integrated whole-house subsystems providing control of lighting, security and HVAC systems.
a great place to work embracing the efficiencies of advanced technology, innovative products and unlimited opportunity
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a religious charity
The specific property owner's association as created by its articles of incorporation and by the CCR.
a conference held every two years in one of the participating countries
a logical connection/communication channel which is set up between the two application entities before any data is exchanged
a one-to-one correspondence between two items, such as a product and its price or a state and its capital
an advertising technique whereby products are associated with the people, values, and lifestyles depicted in the ads
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a (key, value) pair that implements the Comparable interface
an ordered pair comprised of a key and a value
a number for each pair of individuals in each sampling period
a state that exists between peers who have authenticated (possibly mutually) and established random cryptographic keys for the protection of messages between them
How one value recalls a relative value, like the Negative associates the Positive.
A tax-paying corporation created by Congress that purchases and sells conventional residential mortgages and those insured by FHA or guaranteed by VA. This institution makes mortgage money more available and more affordable.
a political party if its goal is political, in particular presentation of candidates for public functions
A term applied to those neurons, tracts or centers which are concerned in relating the parts of the nervous system at different levels.
Geographic Information System Recreational Facility
a composition of independently constructed and externally visible parts
(p) - refers to the persons (unit-owners) who manage the condominium building occupied by a covered condominium unit owner.
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See Homeowners Association
Combination of molecules of the same substance, resulting in multiple molecules.
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a long-term commitment
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a resource and support
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A measure of whether and how closely certain values (numbers, amounts) in a study go up or down at the same time.
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See OB association.