Definitions for "TCA"
See Total circulatory arrest
Total circulatory arrest. Complete stoppage of the circulation of the heart, including complete stoppage of the heart-lung machine. This allows the surgeon to work on the heart without blood or perfusion cannula partially obscuring the surgical site. This technique requires deep hypothermia so that the tissues of the body, especially the brain, are protected from the prolonged lack of oxygen.
tricylcic antidepressant
An older class of antidepressant medication. • HOME • HOME
Train Collector's Association. National organization dedicated to the advancement of the collecting and operating of toy trains of all eras. For membership information, write to: P.O. Box 248, Strasburg, PA 17579.
Abbreviation for Trustee Companies Association.
Acronym for TeleCommunications Association.
This is a non-toxic chemical peel, used for more than 30 years. A TCA peel causes top layers of skin cells to dry up and peel off revealing fresher, more youthful looking skin in 5-7 days.
Trichloroacetic acid is used for peeling of the face, neck, hands and other exposed areas of the body. It has less bleaching effect than phenol, and is excellent for "spot" peeling of specific areas. It can be used for deep, medium or light peeling, depending on the concentration and method of application.
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Taux de Conversion Agricole
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Trichloroanisole. See corked.
Threshold Crossing Alert. A trap message sent from the CNS-Performance Engine to the Cisco Info Center indicating a condition is a network element that exceeds a preconfigured level.
Therapeutic Communities of America.
TARGET blank Tennis Corporation of America
Tile Council of America.
Traffic Conditioning Agreement. an agreement specifying classifier rules and any corresponding traffic profiles and metering, marking, discarding and/or shaping rules which are to apply to the traffic streams selected by the classifier. A TCA encompasses all of the traffic conditioning rules explicitly specified within a SLA along with all of the rules implicit from the relevant service requirements and/or from a DS domain's service provisioning policy.
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Triplette Competition Arms
Timber Communities Australia Ltd. A company representing the logging industry which purports to represent logging "communities".
Trusted Communications Agent
Texas Commission on the Arts.
Tennessee Code Annotated or the Tennessee Commission on Aging
Task Control Area. A control block, used in earlier releases of CICS, to maintain information about a task and control its dispatching.
Terminal Control Area
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Turbine Cooling Air
Transportation Corridor Authority
Traditional Cost Accounting. allocation of costs. Traditional Cost Accounting (TCA) assumes that volume of product is the driver of individual contribution and allocates costs according to production volume.