Definitions for "NMA"
Keywords:  lemurian, krakatau, n'ma, tak, nomo
(Or N'Ma). South-East Asian cultural matrix, reputedly originating in the civilization of Mu, and maintaining the practices of Lemurian demonism and time sorcery, until devastated by the 1883 explosion of Krakatau. The Nma were composed of true tribes (tripartite sub-groups): Mu, Dib, and Tak, linked by a triangular cyclic kinship system. The ancient cultures of the southern Chinese and of the Dravidians share many features with that of the Nma, suggesting a common source (or alternative principle of convergence). [Possible etymology: 'People of Nomo'].
Acronym for " The National Motorists Association"
Nepal Medical Association
National Management Award. An award of the General Agents and Managers Conference given to agency heads meeting prescribed performance standards.
Norvegian Mapping Authority
Norwegian Mapping Authority
Network Monitoring and Analysis
Network management application. (1) Application that provides the mechanism for the network manager to read and alter data, control the network, and access reports. (2) Bay Networks ATM software that manages the LattisCell family of switches and the EtherCell Ethernet-to-ATM switch.
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Naval Manning Agency.