Definitions for "NRA"
NASA Research Announcement. An NRA is used to announce research interests in support of NASA's programs. After peer or scientific review, based on factors in the NRA, proposals are selected for funding. Unlike an RFP containing a statement of work or specification to which offerors are to respond, an NRA provides for the submission of competitive project ideas, conceived by the offerors, in one or more program areas of interest. NRAs may result in grants, contracts or cooperative agreements.
NASA Research Announcement, an announcement that science proposals to NASA are solicited. NRAs generally involve basic scientific research with end-products that are expected to be published in the scientific literature. These are smaller programs than AOs (see above) or RFPs (see below).
National Record of Attainment. Required for all children leaving school - a record of pupil's achievements in and out of school.
National Rehabilitation Association
National Rivers Authority (now part of the Environment Agency)
Normal Retirement Age. The expected/stated retirement age, usually for pension purposes.
Normal Retirement Age. Under a qualified plan, may not exceed the later of the date the participant reaches age 65 or the 5th anniversary of the participant’s participation date.
NORMAL RETIREMENT AGE. 1. For employment purposes the age at which the employees holding a particular position normally retire from service. This is often (but not always) the same as normal pension age or definition 2 below. The statutory term is “normal retiring age” used in s109 (unfair dismissal) and s156 (redundancy) of the Employment Rights Act 1996. 2.  The age of a member of an occupational pension scheme at the normal retirement date as specified in the scheme rules.
Nonresident (of the U.S.) alien. Not a U.S. person as defined under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).
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Neighbourhood Renewal Area
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a powerful lobby that advocates the right to own and bear arms and rejects any gun regulation by the government
The amount of space in a building or property that is usable (and therefore rentable) to tenants.
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Natural Resource Atlas [go to page
No Return Agreement - goods sold at a discount or scrapped not to be returned.
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no remedial action
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Foreign visitors.