Definitions for "Visitors"
Visitors is a 2003 movie dealing with the experiences of a woman sailing solo on a yacht around the world. The movie was directed by Richard Franklin, produced by his (now) wife Jennifer Hadden and stars Radha Mitchell in the lead role, Susannah York as Georgia's mother Carolyn, and Dominic Purcell as Georgia's boyfriend Luke.
Visitors is an original novel based on the U.S. television series Buffy.
The Visitors is the name given to a fictional alien race from the miniseries V and the TV series derived from it. These "Visitors" are reptilian humanoids who disguise themselves to look human, and prefer to eat live prey. They claimed to be from the fourth planet orbitting Sirius, but as with all their other claims, this may simply be a deception.
Visitors processes a Web log file, trying very hard to identify a single "person" as much as possible. This is typically achieved by the use of either an identifying cookie in the log file, or via the IP address, name, and browser ID combination.
Visitors is a minimalistic HTTP server log analysis program written in C. It does not require any configuration or write access to the filesystem. Visitors can produce output in plain text or HTML format and also creates Graphviz dot files showing popular paths between pages on a site.
Visitors are the people who view your website in their browsers. They may follow seperate paths either from search engines or may just follow a link to your page.
actual visitors to the website: mostly people who have done a word-search in a search engine. Can also include search-engine "registration robots"
Traffic A vistor to a website, someone whose browser requests a file form a website
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Visitors are measured as more then one hit from a particular IP address, so long as the gap between subsequent hits is not more than 30 minutes. Visitors is a better measurements than hits because it can distinguish users reasonably well using the IP address. But hits coming from the same IP address after an idle time of 30 minutes would be considered as another visitor.
The people that come to your web site.
A visitor or a unique visitor is someone who visits your web site. If the visitor goes to another page however, another visitor is not counted. So the difference between a hit and a visitor is a hit is everytime your page is loaded, but a hit is everytime a computer visitors your site.
A student enrolled at another university who is taking courses at UBC for credit at their home university.
A member of the public other than staff, student or contractor, who enters the building for personal or professional reasons.
A broader category than 'tourist', includes tourists and same-day visitors.
Individuals consulting the same internet site. The total number of visitors takes account of visit duplication.
Refers to the number of parties who view a site. It does not necessarily take into account the uniqueness of each visitor.