Definitions for "log "
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A bulky piece of wood which has not been shaped by hewing or sawing.
A piece of the woody stem (trunk or limb) of a tree. The trunk portion of a tree.
A segment sawed or split from a felled tree.
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An apparatus for measuring the rate of a ship's motion through the water.
The record of the rate of speed of a ship or airplane, and of the course of its progress for the duration of a voyage; also, the full nautical record of a ship's cruise or voyage; a log slate; a log book.
A record and tabulated statement of the person(s) operating, operations performed, resources consumed, and the work done by any machine, device, or system.
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A Hebrew measure of liquids, containing 2.37 gills.
refers to quantities in factors of ten. A log change is an exponential or ten-fold increase or decrease (e.g., a change from ten to 100 is a 1-log increase).
Changes in viral load are often reported as logarithmic or "log changes." This mathematical term denotes a change in value of what is being measured by a factor of 10. For example, if the baseline viral load by PCR were 20,000 copies/ml plasma, then a 1-log increase equals a 10-fold (10 times) increase or 200,000 copies/ml plasma. A 2-log increase equals 2,000,000 copies/ml plasma, or a 100-fold increase.
A list of clips in a longer sequence, identified by starting and ending timecodes. Use the Premiere batch log to build a list of clips to be batch captured from a tape.
See Media Log.
The numbers, either SMPTE or computer generated (for video that doesn't contain SMPTE timecodes), that EditDV uses to identify media. The log also includes additional information, such as tape identifiers and clip duration.
A window that prints out actions either in game or in the editor that shows every action that takes place. Map - The file that is saved which contains all of the placed actor properties and thus the layout of the entire scene you've created.
A copy of what you RP. For example, when you take a lesson, you can log it so that everything that shows on the screen is saved to a file for later use. Refers to a variety of role-playing games, all of which start in 'M'. The astericks mean that any letter can fit in those spaces - thus, when you say M**, you're covering MOOs, MUDs, MUCKs, MUSHes... and more. It's simply a bit more accurate than saying something like 'I play on many MOOs' when you really mean that you play on many games, some of which are MOOs and some of which are, say, MUSHes. Thus, 'I play on many M**s'.
There are no equivalents to NBOR Logs in other software. It is not like a conventional computer file. Logs are fully-operational environments that capture the entire graphical content, activity, functionality, context and operability of everything that exists in Blackspace at a certain point in time. Logs are always interactive; namely, you can modify and/or operate all items within them. This includes all text, pictures, devices, sketches, documents, Dyomations, and equipment that exist at the time you save a log.
Analysis Software – Software that reads and analyzes server log files to provide usable reports to technical and management staff.
In the IDE, the window that displays messages and warnings during development.
Any file that logs information of user actions. Most web servers offer access to the accesslog which stores information about the computer of each of your website visitors, such the IP address and the date and time of the hit
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Laplacian of Gaussian
the exponent required to produce a given number
logarithmic function (logarithm) : the logarithm () of a number () is the exponent of that power () to which another number (), the base, must be raised to give the number first named ()
To conduct a survey inside a borehole to gather information about the subsurface formations; the results of such a survey. Logs typically consist of several curves on a long grid that describe properties within the wellbore or surrounding formations that can be interpreted to provide information about the location of oil, gas, and water. Also called well logs, borehole logs, wireline logs.
see well log.
A sequential listing of events from a control panel or module and the commands issued to these. Each event is time stamped and stored in the workstation. Close Glossary Window
Any sequential data set used as input to Tivoli Decision Support for OS/390.
v. transcribing; n. transcription
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Lochac Order of Grace
Another name for a longboard. Derived from the fact longboards are big and somewhat cumbersome. Derivatives are logging and logger.
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A symbol of Gilwell consisting of an axe set in a log.
Abbreviation and symbol for logarithm. The logarithm to the base of is written: loga . The most common is a = 10, i.e. log10 , or lg .
a cylindrical cane, or shape of clay.
A term often used in tutorials and instructions for a cylinder of clay. Marble To partially mix two or more colors of clay together.
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A weight or block near the free end of a hoisting rope to prevent it from being drawn through the sheave.
log is a command-line work log and to-do list maintainer. It maintains a searchable list of items that you can add to, modify, and delete from.
A chronological listing created by television or radio stations detailing exactly what programs are to air and what time. Included within the programs are the commercial instructions for the commercial breaks. (also referred to as a traffic log)
Paper listing of the time code addresses of shots, scenes and takes.
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To move to and fro; to rock.
The starting stock for extrusion billet. Extrusion log is usually produced in lengths from which shorter extrusion billets are cut.
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The instrument that measures the speed of the boat and the distance covered. It also refers to writing down anything in the logbook. Thus “I am just going to log the position” means to go and write down the present position of the boat in the Log Book.
Truckers log book.
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large log at the back of a hearth fire
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The Natural Logarithm function returns the natural log of the value expr.
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Alternate term for Reel.
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see Audit trail
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a square beam of wood but a few inches in height and width, and like the waist extends around the whole deck
To engage in the business of cutting or transporting logs for timber; to get out logs.
The log is the set of proposals that have been accepted in the group repository but have not been introduced into the current repository for various reasons.
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See restore log.
Mathematical concept which forms the basis for the pH scale.
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The act of (or command for) begining or ending a session on a computer system.
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A set of curves which originate from the same tool.
A detailed list of a systems or applications activities.
See System Log or Activity Log.
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Blocking a man to the inside of the play.
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The logarithm of a number Month; for example 3m LC50
in: Making the phone connection to a network system. Sometimes called "log on."
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The act of logging out of VO.
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